Matej Dezelak Preaches Love, Peace and Equality

In today's world where so many injustices are allowed to prevail, it is good to see our own entertainers taking a stand. One such person is Slovenian pop singer Matej Dezelak who uses his music to preach messages of love, equality and peace.
"The whole point is for me to be able to use my art to share love, positivity and equality. Like, there is too much of hate, racism etc...and I want to tell people, that we have to love each other and accept people for who they are. No matter their color, sex or whatever", he said while talking to Urban Craft magazine.

"I'm very different  and unique in my own way and I believe that is what makes all of us special.
"Let us share the love, not the war. We don't need more negative energy and stuff like that. We need more love and positivity, we have to support each other because if we want to improve things, we have to do it together. That's how I want to change the world - with love and positivity", added the pop singer.

Though still pretty much a 'newbie' to the industry, Matej is working extra hard to better his chances of being counted among the elites of the music industry.
"The fact that I know who I am and what I want to tell the World with my music, makes my situation unique. I really love the fact, that I am original. I'm also gowing as an artist on social media like Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc", said the singer who occasionally does acoustic demos and covers (and shares them on Youtube)

We, at Urban Craft definitely look forward to reading more about Matej over the next couple of years as he makes his way in the music industry.