Mauro Cordeiro Teases Second Album

Singer/songwriter Mauro Cordeiro has some exciting news for The Jackers/Jacker Army (Leatherjacks fans nickname) - a new album is in the works!
"I´m working on my second album at the moment. It will be titled 'Songs For The Strangest Ones'. Still no precise release date is available, we will furnish the fans with the particular details in due time.
"I´m also searching for musicians to enlist and finally take Leatherjacks out on live tours worldwide (Maybe, who knows? haah)", he said.

Cordeiro is a somewhat a jack - of - all - trades as he also lends his talent and time towards designing, animation and production.
"I love to do lots of things, and since I was 8, I fell in love with Music and decided to be a guitarist. Singing wasn´t in my plans up to 2003, when I was 17 and realized I really needed to sing backing vocals for a pop band I was part of at that time.
"From thereon, I naturally fell in love with singing, mainly rock and heavy metal. I think that I really started coming into the industry some 2 or 3 years ago. I can say that was the time when I really started getting more mature and started to understand a bit more about the business side of music. It was then that I felt really safe to release my first album, create Leatherjacks and spread my music as an art, but also as a Job, you know?", he said.

For the singer/songwriter, creating Leatherjacks was one of the turning points of his career as it coincided with him also taking a different approach to his music  for the first time in his career it all started to make business sense!
"The journey is tough with no management, no money, no one to help in terms of Investments, you know?
"I feel art´s been really tough up to now, even animation and design but something keeps me fighting. I just can´t accept that I won´t win, you know? I feel as though I am in a ring, and even if get Knocked Down, I will always rise, again and again until I win!", said the musician.

Though Mauro has been lucky enough to have sponsors/endorsers on his side like EMG Pickups, eMastered Online Mastering, Spectraflex Cables and InTune Guitar Picks, he realizes that it will take a lot more support for him to get to where he needs to be.
"At the moment, I can say I´m kinda desperate to find investors, record companies, managers, I mean, people who can really believe in my work, my talent and my music. Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, it´s been so tough and so hard to grow. But, I´ll never give up! Up to now, I wasn´t involved in no other project than my own second album", he said.

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