Maverick Aims to Make Frostbeats A Household Name CEO and producer, Maverick, feels fortunate to be in the position that he is and to have worked with all the people that he has thus far but hopes to carry on in the same vein and continue to build his brand into a household name and in the long term, establish Frostbeats as a label that provides a respected platform for independent and major artists.
"The biggest goal is to make a respected brand that can give back to our communities and help the many that are less fortunate", said the CEO

His current and upcoming projects will surely go a long way in setting up a firm foundation for the realization of all those goals, thats for sure.
"I have a number of songs that will be dropping soon with Mike Baggz, Sa'naga, Alyx Baye, Shayna D, Wayne McKnight, Aaron Staccato, Surreall, and Carabela301. I am dropping probably close to four songs with Mike Baggz two of them will be in the Afro Punk genre so definitely watch out for that. I am always looking to work with new talent signed and or unsigned. I do have the earliest song dropping with Mike Baggz called Luscious Lyon just waiting on iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal to put it up", he said.

The producer has worked with some of the most recognized names in the industry, from the likes of Young Joc, Lil Scrappy, Dondria, Kafani, TK and Cash from Disturbing the Peace, Surreall, Freeway Rick Ross (whom he co-managed him for a year). Apart from that he has also done some writing for Alwayz Therro Magazine and Hype Magazine and is also the Project Manager for ItsMyURLs.

For the NY native "nothing good in life comes easy", he shared with us his humble beginnings and the origins of the entity we know today as Frostbeats.
"I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, me and my dad began a catering business called Shakoors Sweet Tooth and we ended up cooking for Steve Harvey for three years. Life happened and I relocated and started putting more focus into my own brand within music.
"I have to say the turning point for me was when my brother Frost and best friend Blaze were killed. That's when I said I need to execute something in memory of them and leave a legacy for my family. A couple years later Frostbeats was created and so far it has its challenges, but nothing good in life comes easy", said Maverick.