Meet The ‘one take wonder’, Isabelle Albutt

She seeks perfection in everything that she does, in this case, film - it’s no wonder those in the corridors of the film industry refer to British actress Isabelle Albutt as the ‘one take wonder’!
With a little over 2 years of experience in the industry, the 18 year old brunette is gradually establishing herself and those film roles/scripts are slowly finding their way to her doorstep.
 “I have recently starred in a short film called ‘Why Should It End This Way’ which is a film about betrayal in a family, the film has been submitted to film festivals and came out in May ( The Director for the film was Grazzi Gianuzzi who was amazing to work with and had clear visions of the film.
“Another short film I am a part of called ‘The Wolf’ is due to come out in December. I started filming for this around November last year, so I am excited for everyone to see the finished product! The film is a comedy based on the children’s film ‘Peter and The Wolf’. I really wanted to be a part of it as I have not done many comedies and I wanted to challenge myself and show other sides to me as an actor. The director for this film is Reece Manigan who is amazing to work with and has now become a great friend from meeting him to film this film”, she said.

Isabelle did however kick off her acting career on stage and even went as far as writing her own script and performing it at one time. 
“My short professional experience so far has been mainly based on stage. I wrote my own script and performed it at the Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham called ‘Girl Theft Auto’ written with director Steve Eagles. The concept of the play was to show how society is living life through a screen and through social media, showing how this can/will affect teens today. I have also performed in plays such as A Midsummer Nights Dream and Macbeth.
“I have been lucky enough to represent Selfridges in a project called Shaken Up in 2016 playing Lady Macbeth. I enjoy Shakespearean plays however, right now I am to involve myself in more TV and commercial projects to widen my skill set”, she said.

The 18 year old, who at this stage in her career, is looking to gain experience and develop as an actress, sees leaving BOA Academy with D*DD and a B in A level Media as a massive achievement, one that gives her the option to try out for drama schools in the future and it is also something that will surely open up many more opportunities for her.
“I have just finished BOA Academy leaving with D*DD (Distinction Star, Distinction, Distinction) Level 3 Extended BTEC and a B in A level Media (which is also something I am passionate about). I love to learn new things about the industry and develop my skills in performing”, said Isabelle.
She also expressed a strong desire in taking her performing career as far as she possibly could and do more TV series and soaps but in the event that things don’t go her way, Isabelle has a list of other options that she would love to pursue.
“If a career as an actress does not work out I would love to train to become an agent or director or even a presenter which is something I would really enjoy doing! Either way I would love to have any career in the industry and I hope with determination and the qualifications I have I am able to do this. I believe life is all about doing things you love and that is why a career within the industry would not be a job to me as I enjoy it that much”, said the 18 year old.