Mike Rennard Opens New Chapter with '431'

With a career that has spanned well-over 3 decades and one that kicked off back in the late 70s with the formation of his very first band called 'Press Release', bass guitarist and founding member of 3 Days Later, Mike Rennard is still as active as ever and yearning to make more musical milestones!
Urban Craft magazine had the unique opportunity of interviewing this wonderful musician and he was happy to take us back to where it all began, shedding light on his career highlights and giving us an idea of his upcoming projects as well.
"We started out playing covers whilst writing our own material and adding our own stuff and lessening the covers until we had a full set, after the band split a few years after I started doing some road crew work in the 80s for the likes of UFO, Magnum, etc the last band was Winger doing back stage security, after that I settled down to married life until 2014 when I started to get frustrated and got myself a new Bass and amp and got back into it forming 3 Days Later in late 2015 and after a few changes in band members we did a collaboration with Carrie Lyn in the States, we did an instrumental and sent it over for her to put her violin part on, the end result was a single she released to raise money for a Cancer charity.
"Then after playing a host of festivals and gigs in 2016 till June 2017 when our guitarist Rods health took a turn for the worse and sadly he passed away in the October unfortunately he never saw the end product and release of our EP (3) since then we played three gigs but things weren't quite the same without him so I decided that the band should have a break during which we recorded a single with our keyboard players wife", said Mike.

With 3 Days Later taking a break, Rennard had to find another avenue through which he could still express himself musically and it came in the shape of a new project titled '431'.
"Since we decided to give 3 Days Later a rest I have a new up and coming project coming together with a new band 431 (Four Thirty One) the style of music will be what I would best describe as a dirty deep southern sound, slide guitar with attitude I guess.......", said the musician while promising to lay down some new tracks with 431 and also putting together a couple of international tours in the near future.

Mike also shared with us a few memorable moments from his wonderful journey in the music industry thus far. Below are a few of them that he picked out for us.....
"I think the highlights of my career so far are playing with Justin Sullivan ( New Model Army ) before I formed ( Press Release ) getting to meet Rickey Medlocke ( Lynyrd skynyrd ) and having a few beers when he was touring in the UK with Blackfoot, a really nice guy by the way!
"Co-producing our EP which was put in the hands of two producers previously who didn't get what the band's sound was and what we were about, was also memorable. I went back into the studio with our friend and sound engineer Mr. T until I was happy with the result, releasing 'Wheels of Industry' as a single taken from our EP which spent 8 weeks in the top 20 in South Africa reaching Number 10 and I'm sure there'll be more highlights to come", he said.

Away from the music, he tries his best to help out his fellow men and women and is a strong advocate for the protection of our environment.
"By recycling wherever I can and planting trees (my garden's a small forest!), I guess the little that I do helps and if everyone else did their little bit (no matter how small) it all adds up to make the world a better place", said the guitarist.