REEJUTA JOSHI Finds Her Voice Through Dance

For Reejuta Joshi, dance is a medium through which she can speak up and out - albeit choreographically and touch the world in her own unique way.
Speaking to Urban Craft magazine recently the strikingly beautiful dance enthusiast spoke passionately about her romance with dance.
"I want to help give people a voice and I want to keep learning how I can best do that through dance. We'll see where it goes.
"I'm a dancer using my passion to give myself and others a voice. Growing up learning various forms of Indian dance, I've always seen dance as a form of expression am trying to use it to tell stories and begin conversations. I most recently did a project on feminism inspired by Beyoncé's sample of author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her track ****Flawless", she said.

The aforementioned project (Flawless) was definitely a conversation starter as it highlighted a number of issues that the ordinary woman faces on a daily basis.
"Most recently I released Flawless, a 7 part dance series exploring feminism through an Indian American lens. I collaborated with so many incredible people to start conversations on a few major themes women experience their whole lives. Bollyshake released the whole series on its Instagram", said Reejuta.

Coming off the success of 'Flawless', the dancer is excited about whats to come, more specifically her upcoming projects.
"I'm always trying to make something. I just released Flawless and would like to enjoy that and let it live its full potential for a while. It is the most important thing to me right now. As far as other projects, there are surely things in the works. I'm very excited for some of my upcoming collaborations", she said.

Dance, not only "serves a purpose" in the New Yorker's daily life but is also a fertile ground for her creative side.
"I'm actually not in dance full time. I am on the product team at a startup in New York as well. Being creative and learning from other dancers keeps my mind open and always ready to learn. Right now Im just focusing on creating things I feel are important because I love it and feel it serves a purpose", said Reejuta.