Sandra Atsango's Take On The Modelling Industry

She is a model/make-up artist who is driven to not only succeed at her respective passions but also change the direction of the industry for the better  something that she ultimately believes will uplift the image and standard of the Kenyan modelling industry (not forgetting that of the models well-being as well)

This is but a brief introduction into who this amazing talent and beauty called Sandra Atsango is, she is certainly one model to look out for in the coming years as her career progresses.
Below, she narrates for us.

My names is SANDRA HOPE ATSANGO and I am a 3rd year student at Kenyatta University doing Recreation and Sports management. Apart from school, I am a freelance model and a makeup artist as well.

I have always had a passion for fashion, makeup and modelling....I do make up for brides during weddings and even normal parties at events at an affordable price.

At the moment I am still working for ALARO MODELLING AGENGY and FALCON EYE. I am nonetheless open to joining more modelling agencies and expanding my make-up artistry.

The modelling industry is good as it has given the youth a platform to develop and grow their talent ...It has also opened up opportunities for many on an international scale.
One obvious downside right now is corruptness that keeps creeping into the modelling sector and of course the underpayment.

I'd like to make it my mission to change everything that is considered as bad in as far as modelling is concerned and one day hopefully be in a better position to create more trustworthy agencies that can be able to nurture talent and help local models grow their portfolios and most important of all, earn a living from their passion.