Toma Norling Debuts with "A Lustful Mix"

Described as "fast paced and highly erotic", UK author, Toma Norling's debut is certainly promises to be all that and so much more, it is no doubt a captivating read.
Titled 'A Lustful Mix', the self-published book is already available on Amazon and is introducing the world to one of the new and exciting writers to watch out for in the near future.
"The book is a short story of approximately 6K words and falls under the Erotic Fiction Genre. It is about an ageing DJ who meets a young and beautiful fan half of his age. She blows his mind and turns his life around. It is fast paced and highly erotic.
"Obviously, the main theme is eroticism, which has the added bolt on of adult content, lust, desire and the likes but I tried to incorporate some love and attraction into the story to", explained the author.

According to Toma, her debut is the first in a series of books that she is committed to seeing out over the coming months.
"The book actually took less than 1 week to complete. Even for short stories I plan my outline and structure well. Once I start I am a fast writer and normally produce 2K words in a sitting. I created a series entitled 'UK Desires' with this being the first book in the series. I plan to try and self-publish a book a month under this series with 8 titles planned and take it from there", said Toma.

In an effort to market the book, the writer has enlisted a few corporates to help and is also making a lot of headway online.
"Sales have been slow to start if I'm honest. I am gaining a lot of attention on twitter and FB and have enlisted a few companies to help me promote the first book until I get a following of fans", she said.

Norling has always been interested in writing all of her life and is looking forward to seeing her career and writing flourish.
"I took up an online novel writing course and just completed my first novel under the genre of crime / Thriller. I sent the MS to an editor for feedback and was told it may take up to 4 weeks to complete. I didn't want to stop writing whilst this dead time occurred. One evening for some reason I bought my first EF book.
"I read the story and as a woman I fully enjoyed the raciness. However I thought the book was badly written and that I could do equally as good if not better. After a few days of research and thinking I finally picked up the courage and was amazed at how much I enjoyed the process. In between juggling my job, looking after my family and writing at night I was proud of my achievement. I hope something that was just taken on as a whim leads to something bigger and better in my writing career", said Toma.