Alicia Sky’s Whirlwind Ride

Independent US pop singer/songwriter, Alicia Sky is determined to touch as many lives as she possibly can. Speaking to Urban Craft in a recent interview, the LA based musician said that she hopes to “add some light and inspiration to this world and encourage friends and fans to follow their dreams and never give up”.

Alicia, who herself is originally from Kingston, Pennsylvania, looks back at the year 2018 as her most successful one so far.
“This year has been my most successful year with the MTV placement and string of LA shows at the Hotel Cafe, Whisky a GoGo & Breaking Sound. I'm super grateful for the opportunities.  I wouldn't say there has been a turning point, but more of a series of small stepping stones that lead to another. My music video "Mr. Fancypants" caught the attention of some major record labels, so that whole journey was a whirlwind and I know I'm going in the right direction. I don't have a major label deal, but that's ok. I get to make all of my own creative decisions and keep all my earnings. This industry isn't exactly a fairytale, but something you have to work really hard at or opportunities don't fall in your lap. You have to create them.
“My song "Hottie" was played on MTV Siesta Key. It was so crazy to see my name and hear my music on a channel I always dreamed of being on.  I opened for Ryan Cabrera this year at the iconic Whisky a GoGo. I own his album from 10 years ago and knew all of his songs, so it was so cool to open for him and hang out after the show”, she said.

What an exciting period it has been for the artist over the last number of years and she is enjoying every minute of her journey in the music industry so far!
 “I've been making music videos the last 3 years and wrote and recorded 40 original songs in the past 2 years. This year I signed with AWAL, and my song "Hottie" was featured on MTV's Siesta Key. I also just started to direct, produce and style my own music videos.  I love everything about being an artist and trying new things.  I also do my own makeup for much of my projects. I'm a bit of a makeup junkie!  I've also been a vegan/vegetarian for the last 10 years. You can see all my music videos on my youtube channel: Alicia Sky. You can stream my music on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else where you can find music”, she said.

The singer/songwriter who has been writing since she was just 7 years old relocated to LA when she was 19 to pursue music. Her song "Turn the Sky Blue" was just remixed by 3 different producers and they're all out now on Spotify & Apple Music. The remix by DJ Bander was recently featured on a music blog on Youtube - Cassiopeia, and it's now at 300,000 +plus views.

Aside from recording new material, Alicia has also been just as active in terms of her visual work and her ‘hands on’ approach on each and every one of her videos can be felt, something of which adds an exciting edge to her videos.
“I just filmed my last 3 covers for my YouTube cover video series.  I produced, designed the set, and my filmmaker friends shot the visuals.  The videos will be out soon on my YouTube channel!  I love that I'm friends with so many creative people and we can shoot videos pretty much whenever we want. That's the plus of living in LA where everyone is creating content.
“My official music video for "Turn the Sky Blue" will be out soon. I directed this one too. We worked so hard on it, had a few setbacks along the way with editing, and now it's finally ready for the world to see.  It's about living in a blah world of neutral when all of a sudden a new love comes into your life and turns your world upside down and you're living in vivid color again. I wanted the video to feel like you're in a rave in nature with colors exploding everywhere”, said the singer/songwriter.
Alicia, who has been recording/writing new material the past couple of years believes that she has enough songs to put together at least 4 EPs or 2 albums and is thus currently in the process of setting up an album release in the near future.