Ines Africa Dreams BIG!

Peagents have over the years been known to be great platforms from which quite a number of recognizable careers and business ventures have sprouted  and they have proven to be reputable launchpads for many models out there who are willing to take their brand to the next level!

Current Mrs Gauteng (South Africa), Ines Africa is a strong believer in the assertion that peagents are a great foundation upon which one can further promote any business enterprise and she has set her sights on doing just that. She wants to build her own vegan business empire and pageant training school.
“I have two brands that I manage. The one I run with my husband called The Africas. The other is my own vegan business label called I.A. Vegan and Green Galaxy. I am a devoted vegan and believe the whole world is moving in that direction as it is better for our health, the earth and the animals as well as our future generations.
“I am passionate about animals and am also always involved in supporting shelters and looking for sponsors for food, blankets etc

“At the moment I am working on launching my own pageant and modelling training academy for 2019. It will not just be another modelling school but will focus on etiquette and will also be a finishing school that focuses on self worth and realising your true identity. I am also launching a de-cluttering a minimalist consultancy business”, she said.

Apart from focusing her energy and time towards helping the less-fortunate, Ines wants to take home one of the grandest prizes of them all, the Mrs South Africa crown!
“I would love to empower people who come from extreme poverty situations and also start up my own animal shelter for abused animals. I will also be going for the grand title of Mrs South Africa within the next 5 years”, she said.

Her accolades also include being a 3 year winner of the sabc youth ballet bursary, member of the 1st ever South African Glee Club plus featured roles on SABC 3 series ‘RoerJouVoete’ and  popular Mzansi series ‘Lockdown’.

Hers is however a tale of humble beginnings and the model remembers where and how it all began all those years ago.
 “My journey has never been an easy one as growing up and only a few people know this but I came from extreme poverty. But my support system has always taught me that money does not measure your success and I think it’s sad how much value people place on material wealth and possession.
“My mom pushed me to enter pageants as a young girl to overcome my shyness and I’m very grateful to her for that as it completely changed my confidence level”, said the gorgeous 23 year old.

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