ITU says, #WeAintStoppingAnytimeSoon!

Article by Charlotte Nzapheza

Itumeleng Medupe, otherwise known by the name (ITU), is kicking  again!
"After all the success through my tour, I've sat down and had a 'rethink' about how unity can build all the artists, especially around our small communities.That's when I decided to come up with this motto that brings up a strong message and awareness amongst all the Artists who are determined to work hard and bring positive change to our communities #WeAintStoppingAnytimeSoon" said ITU.

"For the first time in Free State we will be launching this small initiative that will encourage and motivate mostly our free state Artists. So we basically our aim is to give back to all the Free state artists that have been dealing with all the challenges.
"The launch is not yet confirmed but positive thing about it is that most of our beloved  artists have been putting the #hashtag on our media platforms for contribution. Our dream is to have as many artists as we can for this movement whereby we cater for all artists. From Radio Presenters to Fine Artists, From Poets to Musicians.With all the help involved its possible  to make this a success!
Date and venue yet to be confirmed..", he said.

#WeAintStoppingAnytimeSoon movement will bring a lot of positivity among us as artists and great motivation to continue to do what we love most.
T shirts are now on sale in preparation for the launch.
ITU made waves earlier on in the year through the Ambulance Tour, which was largely successful and we believe that this launch is also going to succeed because of his determination. The South African music industry needs people like ITU, people with ambition, who are driven and who have their objectives in order.
We hope that this is going to make flames!

Good luck ITU.