Jade Talks About Her Passion and ‘Obsession'

Her passion for dance has taken her to some of the most luxurious places and has seen her performing in front of the likes of The Beckhams, Gordon Ramsay, Katy Perry, Orlando bloom, Rita Ora, Tom Jones and royals, among others but more than anything else, Jade Marissa Flash is just happy to be pursuing her dreams

“I am happy with where I am now and I am very grateful to be pursuing my dreams.
“It is a challenging career path to break into. I would always encourage people to never give up”, said Jade.

The international Circus performer and circus school owner retraced her journey in a recent interview with Urban Craft magazine.

“I started out in gymnastics and dance at the age of 3, from then I was obsessed, dancing all around the house and stretching constantly, I just couldn’t sit still.

“All through my school years dance was my passion, whenever there were parties or sleepovers I always chose going to dance over any of them.

“When I was in high school and everybody had to choose their career paths the only thing I wanted to do was be a performer. To my teachers this was not a job and I was told to think of something more realistic that I wanted to do. I am so glad I stuck with my dreams and ignored them to pursue the crazy and fun life of a performer”, said Flash (nee Tinkler).

Having gone from one contract to another in dance and circus, touring in musical theatre shows, appearing in music videos and featuring at a number of hotel resorts, the turning point for Jade was learning circus.
“I started learning aerial silks, aerial hoop and pole acrobatics at the age of 20. I was hooked straight away, training every day to get better and better.

“I had only been doing circus for a short amount of time before I got a contract in a Chipperfields Circus performing aerial silks and aerial hoop. This is where my training mainly developed as the contract was intense with 3 Shows per day and not many days off”, she said.

The performer has competed in many pole competitions and winning the majority of them. Some of those titles include Midlands pole champion 2014, UK instructor winner 2014, UK doubles champion 2015 and World doubles champion 2016, to mention but a few.

For Jade, winning a world title is one of her greatest achievements and so was starting a circus school. Earlier this year, she and her business partner opened up a Circus school based in Dudley UK called The Jewels Academy.

“Opening up a studio was never really on my list of goals but I am so glad I did as it is amazing to pass on my knowledge and skills to so many people and see them progress.

“I absolutely love teaching and it is amazing to spread circus around my local area”, she said.