Kay N47 Ready To Take Career to The Next Stage

The turning point for Kay N47 an English singer/rappper/songwriter came with the realisation that there was more to music than just recording songs--- as an artist, one needs to find a way to connect with their audience.
 “I’d have to say that the turning point in my career was when I realized that I can be more of an artist than I already am. There's always more of what you can give than what you've already given. When I realized that it's not just about making a record in the studio but also about making an impact on your listener’s ear, heart and mind. What sort of impact you want to make is only up to you. I realized that whatever I bring to the table is the major definer”, said Kay N47.

The UK based artist who just released a brand new single titled "Cracked Masterpiece" that's doing a lot for his relatively new career at the moment said that he was heavily involved  in writing action scripts and musical scripts and looking forward to releasing an album in the near future.

Kay N47 looks back on his journey so far as nothing short of ‘marvellous’ and is anticipating an even more exciting ride ahead. 
“The journey so far has been marvellous! To have been granted the opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life is a delight on its own.
“At this moment I can safely say that I have garnered a bit of attention for my music and my brand and the people are enjoying the music”, said the singer/rapper that was raised in Johannesburg.

Looking ahead the musician said that he was focused on establishing himself into a household brand and also releasing a follow-up single before the year ends.
“The immediate goal I have right now is getting the second hit single out. In a long run I hope to see myself and everything I've taken part in shining and giving back to more and more lives that I can. Because there's nothing that beats knowing that all efforts you've ever put in and the life you chose to lead weren't in vein.
“You can look forward to my second single that I am working on right now that will be released soon as well”, said Kay N47.