Article by Charlotte Nzapheza

Lebogang Matsididi’s is not your typical young man, his story is a unique one. His is an inspirational tale that will surely, not only tear at your heart strings but motivate you to also find a way out of your own predicament, however dire it may be.
Coming from Thaba Nchu, an area in a small village known as ROOIFONTEIN, Lebogang came from humble beginnings.

THE young man suffered from depression earlier on life as a result of his parents parting ways and he had to stay with his poor grandparents who made ends meet through what was left of a meagre pension fund. The situation was so dire that at the age of 11, Lebogang tried committing suicide because he had had enough of people in his community making fun of his situation.

But by the grace of God, the young man managed to survive and focus what mattered most, and that was gaining education.

Being one of the most brilliant kids at school kept the young man positive and believing that his story might one day have a better ending after all. For Lebogang, “EDUCATION WAS THE ONLY CODE TO CRACK POVERTY”, that is why he gave his all when it came to his school work.
He remained calm because he had, in him, a belief, that education was the key to breaking the shackles of poverty.

After passing his matric in 2013 he initially struggled in sourcing the required funds to enrol for University. Lebogang grabbed any opportunity for work that came his way, and that included working for a number of construction companies just to save enough money so that he could make CVs and submit them in Bloemfontein.

After a while, he left construction and went to Work at PRO CELL in Thaba Nchu town since he was making enough money.
In time, doors naturally started opening up for the young man and an  internship to study hospitality in Bloemfontein under one of the biggest hotels in the country  "Protea Hotel" fell on his lap. Lebogang chose to do culinary and left management.

Today he is now working under one of the biggest hotels in Johannesburg and his dream is to one day own an ORPHANAGE SHELTER because he believes that’s where he can make the most impact and help change the lives of those who lost hope.
More than anything else, his belief is that  anyone can crack the code of their situation no matter what obstacle they come across.

Lebogang aims, among other things, to opening his own small restaurant with a fellow friend in Bloemfontein .
"We all can achieve what we want as long as we are positive and believe in our strength" he added .