SABRINA MARIA Makes Album Release Date Official

Modern country/rock singer/songwriter, Sabrina Maria has just made official the release date for her upcoming album.
Speaking to Urban Craft, the United Kingdom based artist announced the day of the album launch as the 23rd of March.
“Following on from my debut album 'Blank Canvas' which was released in March 2017, I will be releasing my second album 'Life Is A Journey' in March 2019.
“Just like 'Blank Canvas', the album is self-penned with the exception of her current single, where she co-wrote the lyrics with a friend”, said Sabrina.

For the talented vocalist, It has been nothing short of  a ‘learning curve’ since she stole a lot of hearts with her last release, ‘Blank Canvas’.
“Since I released Blank Canvas, I have to admit, it has been a huge learning curve where the music industry is concerned. I've had a busy 6 months embarking on a Music Marketing course, as simply releasing a song/album and hoping for the best just doesn't cut it for artists today”, she said.

Sabrina however feels that ‘Blank Canvas’ can still make more noise and this is something that she said made her push back the release of her forthcoming album to 2019.
“My 2nd album is nearly ready, but I have purposely delayed the release until March 2019 as I feel Blank Canvas hasn't had enough exposure”, she the singer.

The Brit believes that if one is to be a success or make the most out of each and every release, one needs to embrace all options in terms of marketing.
 “Social media (as great as it is) isn't enough either. Marketing is great, but what is most important is getting your music heard and I have really come to value how niche radio stations are imperative to get your music heard”, said Sabrina.