Venessa Jackson Makes Her Mark

Talented South African vocalist Venessa Jackson has in recent times been making her mark on the international scene, it’s no wonder the vocalist is in high spirits of late and is keen to keep this purple patch going.
“Music is a powerful tool and I want to use it to spread messages of love, hope, awareness and motivation. I want to keep pushing my craft and showcase my ability as a songwriter and vocalist.
“I have been getting lots of international exposure and working on international projects at the same time. The house music scene is where I'm most visible at the moment due to the demand but I do other genres as well”, said the singer/songwriter.

Venessa, who believes that it takes patience and a strong drive for one to make it, has been busy as a bee and has a lot of projects in the pipeline, both music and film, that will surely be finding their way onto the market in the near future.
 “Getting the ‘go ahead’ from Warner Brothers to do a remix of the legendary track "Batonga" done by Angelique Kidjo was super awesome”, she said excitedly.
The singer recently featured on Ryhthm City where she sampled her upcoming track titled "Awe" which is produced by Dr Moruti, a song that according to Jackson, has political undertones.

Her other track "Sleepless Nights", produced by Lesh SA also featured on Rhythm City during different scenes from 9 August for almost 2 weeks and is receiving heavy rotation globally.

A ‘remix challenge’ has also been officially put into play by the singer/songwriter and is open to producers all over the globe. 
 “I'm currently busy with a remix challenge for one of my recent releases titled ##Hey Now, produced by Therd Suspect ft Venessa Jackson, released under Pasqua Records(USA). The challenge is providing producers and djs from all over the world the chance to submit their own remix of the track. From the submissions, 3 remixes will be chosen and get released under the label on the ##HeyNow remix EP”, explained the SA vocalist.

The singer’s focus over the next month will also turn towards an upcoming film that was shot in the UK (contractual terms however mean that she is in no position to give out the particular details at this moment in time)
“I do have a role in the film and I will be in charge of the music which will be used throughout the film during scenes and sound check. I will be giving an opportunity to upcoming musicians to submit their music for the film”, she said.

Apart from the film, Venessa expressed a strong desire to not only tour extensively but also travel and see the world. 
“I have not been across our borders yet but I'm working towards doing an international tour in 2019 and visit each of the countries that I'm doing collaborations with. You can expect lots of new music from me. I have not been focused on gigs this year but instead on more productions and expanding my music library so that I have enough new material for the tour”, she said.

Born Venessa De-Chantal Jackson, the singer made her breakthrough back in 2008 when she did songs (Up & Down, Starlight) with Dj Twitty, which were part of an album released under EMI.

The singer/songwriter has collaborated with the likes of Infinite Boys, Muvo De Icon, Dr Moruti, Therd Suspect, Dj Lesh SA and Dj Musique, among others.