Wanita Prepares Debut Album

Emerging Australian singer/songwriter/actor, Wanita feels the time is ripe to put her debut album on the market.

The exceptionally-talented musician confirmed the exciting news while speaking to Urban Craft a few days back and said that it was only a matter of time before the official launch dates were announced.
 “I’ve only been recording original music for about a year and a half, some stuff solo and some songs collaborating with artists from all over the world. I’m a fairly new artist and have only been releasing music for about a year, all singles. I am currently working on my debut album, which is nearly completed.
“I am just putting the finishing touches on it before release. I am constantly writing new music just in general and bank it for future projects and collaborations. I am also involved in a very exciting project with one of my favourite producers Armada The Producer who lives in the states in which I will be contributing at least two tracks”, said Wanita.

From the look of things, the singer will definitely have a very busy end of year period packed with collaborations, more live shows and a lot of promotional work to promote her musical brand at home and abroad.
“Apart from the album, I am working on a collaboration with an extremely talented Producer out of the UK called Configa who is signed to Chuck D’s label Slam Jamz Records.
“Once my album is finished I will be working on getting my music out there with live performances as well as physical CDS and digital release. I also just had my first music video shot, it is currently in the editing stage and will be announced for release soon. I also have some very exciting collaborations coming in the future”, she said.

The multi-talented artist also plays the guitar and does a little bit of her own engineering/mixing and her long term goal is of course to continue to grow as an artist. She has so far released 6 songs, 5 originals and 1 cover plus various features with artists from the USA, UK, Africa and Australia.
“It’s amazing to me that people actually enjoy and listen to my music. My journey has been good, I have built up some very solid relationships with producers and other artists and my fan base is growing.
“While one of the first singles that I released was being mixed by the producer DJM80 he took video of the song and put it on Instagram, he tagged Timbaland in the post who liked it so that was an exciting and encouraging moment”, said Wanita.