Introducing FME

With the festive season virtually knocking on the door, every city across the world is in a hype of activity. The great city of Johannesburg is no exception. A lot of events are surely lined-up on Friday, the 30th of November and one show that is sure to light-up the city life is the ‘Summer Body’ gig that is sponsored by Nigerians In South Africa and will be taking place at the 40-40 Niteclub.

The event is ultimately set to introduce to South Africa and the rest of the world the record label Future Music Entertainment (FME) and also showcase the immense talent that the city has.
“In short, this is basically an  introduction, I'm using this event to introduce my Record Label { FME} Future Music Entertainment sponsored by Nigerians in South Africa”, said host on the night of the event, Femzeal.

Apart from being the host, Femzeal is also set to take to the stage and will be joined by a line-up of talented artists that include, Bconsty MJ, Spynnash, Vicky Banty, Superstar M.E, Zee de Toxic, Da Artist, ZeeZEE and Checkmates, to mention but a few.

To keep the party going and the crowd in the mood will be a selection of gifted wheel-spinners, among those being names like Dave, Sheggbeat, Stevolux and Dj Deeeds
The artist/host promised a night of merry-making like no other and called upon the inhabitants of Jo’burg to come out in their numbers to support this venture.
“A lot is gonna happen; we are motivated and dedicated to giving those in attendance a night to remember! This is a night for all of us to connect through music, from the djs, the artists and the crowd itself --- in short, it's all about love”, he said.

The show is slated to start around 6pm and will kick on till the early hours of Saturday morning.