“Long As I Can Keep Moving”, Taylor Marie

For contortionist, aerialist, fire spinner and general circus performer, Taylor Marie who says that she ‘discovered, and subsequently fell in love with, modelling’ also, there is no greater pleasure than being able to keep on progressing in her occupation and learning at the same time.

Speaking to Urban Craft magazine, the performer expressed satisfaction in doing what she loves and being able to make a living out of it.
 “I’ve had the pleasure of sustaining myself by creating work that I’m very proud of with some very talented people; to me, that’s success”, said Marie.

It has no doubt been a career full of so many memorable moments for Taylor and she is honored to have covered the ground that she has thus far.
‘I would say that the biggest turning point for me was to work with a particular photographer in Seattle (who sadly wants to remain anonymous). I was still modelling for fun at that point, and he gave me the advice and confidence to really go for it. I put together my portfolio and started my website, and have been modelling professionally ever since.
“As far as particular accolades, I’d say my biggest honor so far is being featured in The Dark Arts’ book Light/Dark/Color, but my images have been displayed in various galleries between Seattle and Bangladesh and have won awards on Deviant Art and Purple Port. Another highlight was posing for the incredible painter Carla Paine in Olympia, Washington. Her work is stunning!”, said Taylor.

Her talents have taken her all over the United States and into the greater world where she has partaken in quite a number of projects.
“I’ve had the fortune of being a part of quite a number of projects, too many to count; some weeks, I’m doing photoshoots twice a day, and others just once a week. I’ve travelled around America and gone all the way to Holland, meeting a variety of people and doing everything from naked outdoor contortion to traditional lingerie and glamour scenes on couches. I love it all and can’t wait to see where it’ll take me next!”, she said.

Apart from sharing with us some of her upcoming projects, Taylor also took the opportunity to also give us an idea of what her goals were.

“I’m going to be published in another book in the near future, but I have to keep the name of the photographer under wraps for now! I can tell you it involves some lovely experimentation with light and projections. I’m also performing in “CirqProfond,” with my Olympia, Washington troupe Murmuration, then going to be in LA at the end of the month. Keep an eye on my website and social media sites for updates!

“My immediate priorities are to keep shooting and training. Sometime between the short- and long-term, I’d like to put together and perform more circus acts, particularly contortion and aerial silks. Performance is my first love, and I’ve let it play second fiddle to modelling for the last year or so. Within the next year, I’d like to do some performance touring with modelling stops along the way. As long as I can keep moving and learning, I’m happy!”, said Taylor.

Images courtesy of:
Andy Yeung, Frank Baats, Lance Reis, The Dark Arts, Tanaga Chen, Wavepainter Photography and Serria Photo

Makeup and Hair by Shawnna Cady