Thokgamo Madonna ‘Aspires to Inspire’

In our search for unique stories and talents from around the globe, we stumbled upon emerging gospel singer/songwriter Thokgamo Madonna.
The ever-smiling and down-to-earth musician was more than happy to share a little bit about herself with Urban Craft magazine. Below is the Thokgamo’s story in her very own words.


I am a 31 year old passionate lady who loves God and who has given herself to God. My heart is full of love, I love my family, I love life, I love God, and I love people. I have a big personality, I laugh a lot, I talk too much and people say I have a great sense of humour.
Professionally I’m an accountant and I do have a normal day-to-day job working as a customer care officer. As a singer, I have to say I`'ve been singing almost all my life, singing is my life, breath and I live it.


In terms of me singing as a soloist, let me just say that I am still finding my feet in the industry. My very first gospel single was titled `'I Wish' and since then the goal has been to make as many more hits as I can.  I was fortunate enough to have been part of Gaborone Youth Singers, The Beatitudes Well gospel group, I am proud to also have competed in recognized local singing competition, ‘My Star TV Show Botswana’, which was then called ‘Pop-Star Botswana 2008’ which landed me in the Top 11. I was also part of the Melody Gospel Show 2016/17 but did not manage to compete due to medical reasons. Singing in the praise and worship team at church is something that is also close to my heart.

With all this experience, I have decided to pursue my musical dream. God has called me to worship him and praise him with my singing and I am glad to be here today, in a position to follow this path because it has always been my dream. I have to admit that it hasn't always been easy, most of the time I wanted to give up and close the chapter, mostly because the industry is quite tough. Coming up, I’ve learned that making it in the industry is not easy or for the faint-hearted --- it’s quite challenging but I have to say now that it’s worth it and it’s everything to me!
Besides singing, I have done a few other projects that I dearly loved being a part of, to name one important one; I am a national director for the pageant Miss Culture and Peace International Botswana which produced two queens who competed internationally with other queens of the same pageant from different countries, the pageant is however, currently on ‘pause’ because of the my music project.


What the world can expect from me? mmh! the world should expect the best of me, my music career is here to stay. I will be worshipping and praising God through song for the rest of my life. More songs will surely be coming next year; hopefully a full album will also be ready and available on the market in the New Year.
I will be shooting the video of the new song ` I wish ` next month and I am humbled to say that God is with me and that this is about Him, more of him than me and my intention is to preach to world through gospel music. My long-term goal is to be one of the most successful gospel singers in the world, to preach my father’s WORD through music. Hopefully it will be more than just music but that is for God to decide, I would love to grow a family of my own .... I aspire to inspire.