Tweeps rejoice as Daniel Marven drops Dikota Le Meropa.

Running the tweeter Ville, web influential and artist Daniel Marvel drops another hit, Dikota Le Meropa -Healing and Drums.  The single comes just after he was announced as the winner of Black twitter S.A for his humorous endless tweets.  Marven’s Dikota Le Meropa is a house dance tune. The king of social media this time drops a song of healing and happiness with added African drums. He is calling upon all dance music lovers to forget their problems and dance.

Dikota Le Meropa is produced by DJ Ntsiki Kimbayo and composed by Daniel Marven. The dance tune is a mixture of percussions fused with piano and drums, added mbira elements in the background.

 The sound takes you into a journey of time and space through dance music. The single gives the meaning of African rhythm and dance. About halfway through the beat it switches into the absolute incredible sounds like vintage African yet modern beats.

It hasn’t been an easy road for Daniel Marven. He continues to release music whilst juggling between his full time job and as an artist. “ You know South Africans can be extreme when it comes to dance, I am not asking them to fall and break their legs rather this song allows them to Dance on another level.” says Daniel Marven.