Vermilion Bird Paves The Way

She is not only proving herself a worthy contender but also paving the way for many other aspiring female dj/producers who might one day hope to make their own name in this male-dominated industry.
We are talking about none other than Latin producer/DJ, Vermilion Bird.

The Argentina-born dj/producer, who today resides in New York was born into a family of musicians and studied music growing up.
“The transition to music production using technology was an easy one. I was heavily influenced by electronic music in my early years, and later I started combining that with Latin and other world influences.
“I've been producing and deejaying since 2012. it hasn't always been easy due to the fact that I am a woman in a predominantly men dominated industry, which means that you always have to work twice as hard to prove your worth and get accepted into the game to get the same level of respect as a guy. There is also the fact that I've incorporated my Latin roots into my sound instead of doing more generic electronic music, so the audience has always been smaller. Until recently, Latin and electronic did not mix very much, and many clubs would turn you down if you didn't play house/techno or top40. There has been a change in the last few years, and Latin artists have made their way into electronic music, which makes it more accepted by clubs, bookers and the crowds”, said Vermilion Bird.

“I'm pleased with what I've done so far. My biggest accomplishment has been not giving up in the face of obstacles. I've continuously worked to develop my craft, and I've gotten recognition as a producer in various circles, reaching many parts of the world. I've toured Europe, the East and West coasts in the US, and parts of Latin America. I've also started my own label, created events and released music consistently for the past few years”, she added.

The gifted dj/producer was part of the SISTER compilation of all female electronic music producers and has released music with various labels, including La Clinica Recs, Wile Out and my own, Stay Tropical.  She was also a regular feature on the Moombahton compilations, usually being the only female producer on the list.
“I’ve collaborated with many different producers in tracks and lately have been collaborating more with women. I guess my turning point was when I discovered Moombahton, a style that combined house music and reggaeton. I felt completely identified with the style and quickly started producing and playing it in my shows. Of course I play and produce many different styles, mostly with world and bass influences, but Moombahton was a before and after for me.
“I've been signed to Interscope Records (Universal Music) for the soundtrack of the Skate Kitchen movie (Sundance festival). I've also placed my music on TV, the show "Broad City" in Comedy Central. Also my music has been played at big festivals and clubs”, she said.

Apart from working on some brand new music of her own, the dj/producer is also dedicating her time and skills towards producing other artists.
“I'm now focused on producing other artists as well as myself. I'm working more with female vocalists and producers. I've also done vocals for a track in the EP of a really amazing Moombahton/Bass producer from the Netherlands (details coming soon), and also have a side project with a partner for the production of reggaeton music.
“I've recently made a remix of a Club song by TT The Artist & Uniiqu3 (two very skilled female vocalists a and producers who are killing the game) for their Club Queen Records label, to come soon. As far as my label goes, the releases keep happening and there will be a free holiday remix pack involving many great global bass producers, in conjunction with the label Wile Out. It will be out after Christmas (stay tuned for that one)”, said Vermilion Bird.

Her goal remains that of producing music consistently and making sure her brand touches all parts of the world.
“My immediate goals are to finish all the projects I have going (lol), and to keep releasing music consistently. My long term goals are to have a wider reach with my music and play more festivals, and as far as my label goes, I'd like to see it grow and bring recognition to all the artists in it”, she said.