Cosmas Rusere's Star On The Rise

For gospel singer, Cosmas Rusere, the dusty streets of Glen View hold a special place in his heart, they provided him with a firm foundation from which his passion could spring forth and hopefully one day touch the globe.
The second son in a Family of five (5) enjoyed a healthy childhood that also saw his passion for the arts flourishing.

“My interest in artistic work started when I joined the school's traditional dance crew in grade 5 where I ended up taking the lead role. There was a lot of singing and dancing involved and my passion for music was only well fed from this point. This was my turning Point.

“I joined the school choir in Grade 6 and then the church choir in the same year. This gave me a good basis for learning musical notes, dict, vocal composition, how to develop a melody and the construction of a chorus, to mention but a few.
“By the time I got to form two (2) I took on a lead soprano role in our church choir and this thrust me into the limelight regionally, provincially and took my talents to a national scale as well. At this point in time I decided that I would like to branch out on my own and become a solo artist. Having done so, I undertook to write as many songs as I could. With time I realized I was heading somewhere”, said Cosmas.

Relocating to South Africa also helped the musician as it opened doors to more and more opportunities for him to take his career to new heights.

“Fast track to 2006 I moved to South Africa and I joined the AFM in South Africa then became a part of many groups and Artists as a Backing Vocalist. Highlights includes artists as Christine Olagoke, Austin Egwuibe ND, Godisan Hulisani, to mention a few projects I was directly involved. I Joined Africa Sing in April of 2013.
“Africa Sing is a group of young dynamic artists and musicians who came up together to form a recognizable brand on an international platform mainly targeted musicians and Artists in and around Gauteng Province in South Africa. Recognizable affiliated musicians and Artists includes Primerose Njewa of the Sungano fame, Tsitsi Kudita Chawasarira Mufaro fame, Emmanuel Mhako, Lincoln Kamuchanyu, Melcy Melissa Chikocho, and many more. I became the Choir Director in 2014 July, a position I still hold up to date. We have a 17 Track Album titled Breakthrough available on all online platforms”, said the musician.

Fans will of course be familiar with Rusere current hit song, titled ‘I Love You Lord’ that has been airing on One Gospel, Kwese TV, Trace Africa, among others in the last couple of months.

News that the young man is busy working on a couple of other projects to be released in the New Year will surely put smiles on a number of faces.
‘I am currently working on a music video for my Single Track ‘Makanaka’ and with casting having started in early November, we have 2 sessions a week and our projected date of delivery is January 2019. We also have an upcoming Live DVD Recording that has been scheduled for June 2019 and more details will follow courtesy of my social media interactions. I have also been busy in the studio working on my second album and I have so far done 4 songs of what will be an 8 track compilation.

“On the 21st of December 2018 i will be launching my single Track The first Noel a Christmas carol song its been exciting in the studio with lots of fun moments on this beautiful rendition”, he said.