Hannah Mapepeta Explores ‘Beauty of Dying In The Lord’

For gospel singer and inspirational songwriter, Hannah Mapepeta, her brand new single “My Life Goes On’ carries a very special meaning and connection to her.
The Ella Burrs cover is a special dedication to her ‘mentor’, the late Pastor Chesa and as such, the song talks about the ‘beauty of dying in the Lord’.
“My Life Goes On is a phrase that sheds more light on the hope every believer has in Jesus Christ. We have been given life eternal in Him therefore when this earthly tabernacle is dissolved; we have another one waiting for us eternal in heaven.

“Dying in the Lord happens when one is anchored in Christ and as they continue to do that, their mortal life body passes away and they enter into the immortal life. When one is said to have died in the Lord, death in the natural will have happened at a time when their faith is sill anchored in Jesus”, explained the singer.

While giving us a behind-the-scenes look at how the song itself came together, Mapepeta spoke glowingly about celebrated musician Ellen Burrs, whom she had the opportunity to not only meet but work together with in the studio.

“I love Ellen Burrs! I met her several years ago when she came to Zimbabwe. I was introduced to her music by my husband who loved her music and had grown up listening to her music together with that of her family. When she came for some church meetings here in Zimbabwe, my pastor managed to avail to me the opportunity for me to do a recording with her of the song ‘Outside in the world’.
“Of all her songs, the song 'My Life Goes On’ touched me the most and made heaven real for me. When pastor Chesa passed on, his sudden death and the pain it caused could only be relieved by the words in this song. I recorded it to comfort all those who felt the pain of loss of a Christian loved one, those who had ever felt it and those who might one day come face-to-face with it”, she said.

Hannah also shared with us a bit about the man himself whom the song is dedicated to and just how much he meant to her.

“Pastor Chesa was 61 when he went to be with the Lord. He was a humble servant of the Lord. He supported my music so much and he would give us so much encouragement. He was a peace-loving man and used to refer to my dad jokingly as ‘Mkwaa Martin’. Now I have something to look forward to when I go to heaven”, she said.

The singer/songwriter who has 5 albums to her name already that include ‘Chinyiko’, ‘Mwari Vafunga Nezvangu’, ‘Zvinogoneka’ (It Can Be Done), ‘Kisimusi Yechokwadi (The True Meaning Of Christmas), among others also took the same opportunity to announce that she was working on a new album. The title and release dates will however be made available in due course.

“The upcoming album has 5 songs and 2 instrumentals. I recorded it at E-Mang studios. I worked with quite an amazing team on this project that also includes, Tinashe Ndhlandla and Timmy Dayal who were part of the post production. It is important to note that this is alive recording and I shall be releasing the songs as singles”, said Hannah.

Mapepeta is a strong believer in Christ and hopes that listeners of her music can also share the same intimate relationship with the Lord that she has.

“I am a believer in Jesus. My relationship with him means more to me than anything else. I endeavor to sing about a God who I am intimately in connection with. He is so real to me. My hope and prayer is that he may just be as real to all that listen to my songs as he is to me. May he be real to you in every situation that you may be facing in your life is my hope and prayer”, said the singer in parting.