La'Peace Guns for Success

To inspire people it takes energy and dedication, especially when people are used to your hard work.
Music is one never- ending journey

My life revolves under those with the same vision as mine,
therefore they should gun for the same ideas that are exact as mine

Hard work pays-off when you include the same people with the same vision as yours

La'peace music is an indigo jazz artist that is set to bring new age music.

My music talkes to souls and i share whats real most of the time i tell people to listen to my music alone to get closure, heals.

My current album talks about life.

Title:LifeNextDoor(motho kemotho kabatho).

When i wrote these songs i wrote them from my heart with honesty and reality inside.

The album talks about the journey i took for me to get to where i am today, more importantly,
the risks i took.

I was in joburg perfoming this other one night with friends....had no transport to go back home and had to sleep in a petrol station for my safety. This security guy asked me questions and i told him that i was an artist and I was just coming from an event.  He told me not to stop doing what i am doing because even business man risk for their companies to get to the top and that one day i will be the person that i have always dreamt of.

I realized that there is no reason why it cannot work, it is not easy to make your mark in the industry but with the right people who have the right intentions of getting you to the top, you are halfway there.

I am greatful today to have a beautiful team/people that help me thepo(photographer),Gift (personal dj),sizwe(designer/stylist), bongane(video editer/photographer), bogninkosi(brand holder), siyabonga(manager)

Thanks to them for making everything possible.

To inspire many people takes energy , hard work and dedication . If people see through the hard work you put in something ,they'll gladly follow . You become an inspiration and thats what I am aiming to be , an inspiration, a leader, a person whom people look up to, something more like a motivator just through music

I like to keep my life as positive as it can be , positive vibes, positive space with people who have quite the same vision as mine , people who have ideas and mental state that's more or less like mine, creatives minds.

Hard work sure does pay off, it just requires focus , self discipline , a positive environment and peers who have just the right and exact motive as you , because in the end no man is an island.

La'peace musique is an indigo jazz artist that sets to bring new age music .

What could be more thrilling than what feeds your soul, that's what my music it's all about, food to the soul. Something more or less than medicine ; spiritual medicine . Through the story telling you get closure, you get healing, hence I always share my music with people, for I believe that it can touch lives out there .

So its said that every little thing that's off existence has an ending well I believe that with music it's a different story, it's an unending journey , it has no destination at all, it's a revolution. It's of now , then, and the future.