Mohlaletse Rocks Celebrates 9th Anniversary

article by Bridgett Makola

Mohlaletse Rocks is an annual event that takes place on the 26th December of each year.

The event that was started in  2010, will this year be celebrating its  9th successful event.

Mohlaletse Rocks was established in order to act as an information bearer to the youth and community at large. To be a mouthpiece on matters relating to community rights, needs, welfare and development.

Mohlaletse Rocks is an event whereby many up and coming artists showcase their talents. It is an event with aims of keeping party vibes, get together and a great time for youth from Mohlaletse and surrounding areas.

There are numerous reasons why people from Sekhukhune should come.....the beauty is a small intimacy of the performance that comes with it. People will jump off the stage into the crowd, the artists will be just right in front of the public and sometimes maybe they will even put the microphone near your face to let you sing along to the lyrics of the song. But if you don't attend the local events you won't get a chance to experience that.

Mohletse Rocks is one of the biggest initiatives in Sekhukhune region which sees over 3000+ attendance. Its aim is to put funds and  build a community center in the community which will host offices such as sports, art and center or a library.

Let's come out in our numbers and support the local events and have fun in our own townships with our local artists...