Tey Blondie Delights In Her Journey So Far

The great region of Matebeleland is a well-known arts hub and is responsible for giving birth to some of the nation’s most iconic names.

Some of those illustrious names include, Busi Ncube (lead singer for Ilanga), James Marabini, Solomon Skuza, Lovemore Majaivhana, Sandra Ndebele and Cal-Vin,  to mention but a few.

The region just keeps on giving when it comes to talent and it’s no surprise that one of the best upcoming voices on the scene right now is from that same part of the country.

Going by the stage name Tey Blondie, this ‘bubbly’ young lady from the “city of kings (and queens)” hopes she can carry on in the footsteps of some of those great names who paved the way and made it possible for her to pursue her dream of making music.
“I haven’t really gone as far as I would love to in the industry but I can safely say that for the little time I've been in the industry I have no regrets and I am happy with my progress thus far.
“Apart from music, I am also a student at the Catholic University. I'm studying Business Management and Information Technology. I'm a young girl who doesn't give up easily and makes sure that my heart's desires are fulfilled...I'm a bubbly girl who does not under estimate the importance of having fun”, she said.

Tey Blondie of course debuted on the scene a few months back with the single, ‘behind my smile’, a single that has, without a doubt, put her name on the map.
‘I have 3 songs now and a couple more on the way....the first one being ‘behind my smile’ and then the other 2 are yet to be released....’Wega’ and ‘2 by 2’, which I really hope those who support me will enjoy”, said the singer/songwriter.

For the young lady, her career is but a journey, one that she is relishes and hopes  to make the most out of.
“I really  strive to be an artist  that  people  enjoy listening  to  and  it is a wish of mine that  people  can  relate  to my music  and understand and not misinterpret my lyrics as most, if not all my songs,  say something  about my life...and as a  result  if people  really  listen to the  lyrics  my songs are more of like a story of my life which is being told to them.
“For the people who support me and see potential in me, I feel it is a necessity for them to be given the opportunity to at least know me inside and out and what it is that I go through as I am still young and growing and experiencing a lot as I journey through this destination of being an adult”, she said.