A Taste of ‘Zimbawean Love’ From Boss SAKINA

Fast-rising dancehall singer/songwriter, Boss Sakina describes her upcoming single as a song that speaks to the definition of what love is in the Zimbabwean context. The track, titled ‘Mama Chiredzi’ is of course a collaboration between the Harare-based musician and fellow compatriot, Poptain.

Though no official release date has yet to be announced, Boss Sakina made certain to assure her fans that when the time does come they will be the first to know and that it will be made available on all the local radio stations and the various online music platforms.
“When Poptain and I got into the studio to come up with a love song, we decided that it was going to be no ordinary love song but one that speaks to the local ‘definition’ of love. By local I mean Zimbabwe --- a Zimbabwean description of what people feel when they are in love.
“The track has lyrical content that not only speak to love but also shows off a beautiful town called Chiredzi. Chiredzi is a town that mainly grows sugar cane here in Zimbabwe and we all know how sugar cane (nzimbe) tastes so good. So my hope is that my fans not only get to enjoy sharing this song with their special somebodies but also get to appreciate and take pride in what our country has to offer”, she explained. 

The tantalizing singer/songstress also spoke highly of her ‘partner in crime’ in as far as this brand new project is concerned and made note of his talent and ‘rich musical background’.
“Poptain has an amazing voice, not to mention a rich background of hardcore dancehall and I have always wanted to experiment with such an amazing talent just to see what could come out of it. And now that it has finally happened, Yes! It was a good idea and I'm happy I did it. All I can say is that you haven't seen the last of us working together”, said Boss Sakina. 

With her plans of releasing a much-anticipated album in February having been shelved due to unforeseen circumstances, the singer said her team was working on a new date and that arrangements will be made public in the coming weeks.
“An album is definitely dropping this year. I had announced in one of my interviews that this would happen in February but unfortunately because of the economic mishaps that have rocked the nation in recent times it seems almost impossible to launch an album successfully. So we will announce a revised date ASAP. In the meantime I will continue dropping more singles and work on videos for all the  singles I have released so far”, she said.