Alyssa Marie Focused On Refining Her Craft

Coming off the back of a relatively successful 2018 in which she got, among other things, three Josie Music Award nominations, Florida, USA country/pop singer Alyssa Marie is looking forward to bettering her accomplishments from the previous year and taking her music career to the next level!
”My New Year’s Resolutions for this year are definitely to start writing more songs and putting out more original music. Another resolution is to start learning more picking and guitar licks.
“I think the only thing I would do differently is to focus more on music and start practicing a little more than I did last year”, said the teen sensation.

The year 2018 is all but gone, but it surely left Alyssa with some memorable highlights and provided her with a firm foundation on which to further her musical exploits going forward.
“One of the major highlights from my year was definitely getting to meet my favorite artist and the person that inspired me to start singing, Danielle Bradbery. I got to meet her at a country music festival in my area called ‘The Rib Round Up’.
“Another highlight was having many different performances around the state of Florida and so was getting nominated for three Josie Music Awards as Young Adult Artist and Original Song of the Year.  This meant that I got to travel to Tennessee in September and  attend the awards, which was an amazing experience meeting and networking with different performers, writers, producers, photographers and videographers”, she said.

Alyssa is not only focused on producing more material (both for the market and her YouTube channel), but on putting out more original songs. Doing what she loves, in this case, music is something that she hopes to do for a long time to come and with the talent she possesses, it is only a matter of time before she reaches those dizzy heights!
“Right now I am working on recording more cover songs for my YouTube channel. I would like to reach a bigger variety of people. Another thing that I am working on is putting out more original music that I have been writing the past few month, so stay tuned for this.
“My long term goals are to keep doing what I love, which is music of course, and keep working on honing my craft because you will not get anywhere if you do not try and want it. Music is definitely a career path of choice for me”, said the adorable 14-year old singer/songwriter.