Chido Machanzi's 'Musikana WeMagitare’ Tackles Stereotyping

It has only been a couple of days since the year 2019 kicked off and the music industry is already buzzing with new release after new release. Though a lot of these songs will naturally fall by the wayside, there’s a few of them that we will still be ringing in our ears for years and years to come.

One track that stands out from the crop of songs released so far this year is ‘Musikana WeMagitare’ by emerging singer/songwriter Chido Machanzi, a song that features fellow musician, Terry Africa and was released on the 2nd of January.

The song, as the title might suggest, explores the issue of women in the industry and how society tends to stereotype the fairer sex.
“The song talks about the trials and tribulations of being a woman in the entertainment industry and the constant stereotyping that one has to face on a daily basis. Our song chose to focus on how hard it is especially where matters of love and relationships are concerned. I believe that it is an issue that affects many female artists who harbour dreams of one day pursuing a career in music as society tends to frown upon them. 
“In our song, the female artist resists falling in love out of fear of what her suitor’s family will say upon hearing that she is in the entertainment business. Terry Africa takes on the part of a young man who has fallen in love with her and is trying to change her way of thinking and show her that he will take her as she is and understand her but she has her doubts.  The point that ‘Musikana WeMagitare is trying to bring home is that our society needs to appreciate the fact that singing is a job like any other and one that any person, woman or man can earn an honest living from”, said Machanzi.

Chido sees the new song as an opportunity for her fans and music fans alike to get an insight and better understanding of a female musician’s world.
“I just spoke on behalf of any woman in the industry and the call is for everyone to support our female sisters and appreciate them in every way possible. The fans are getting a peek into our lives and learning a lot about what goes on behind the scenes in the life of a female musician”, said the 21 year old.

With work on marketing her current single still keeping her busy in the foreseeable future, the singer/songwriter confirmed to us during our interview that an album and some collaborations will surely be on the way soon.
“Besides promoting the new single, I will also be working on an album in the next couple of months and I also got a number of collaborations that are supposed to be completed”, she said.

The natural born performer studied visual arts and design at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe where she was more of performance artist and a painter than anything else, but as fate would have it, she was invited by a friend to a studio to see what they do and there she discovered her talent for writing songs and was able to make a singles collection that was launched that same year (2017).

Machanzi has slowly but surely found her footing in the industry over these last couple of years and her very first hit song ‘Shumba’ goes a long way in proving that. The track, produced by Dj Tamuka opened doors for the young lady and it also resulted in her collaborating with celebrated names like Terry Africa on her current single, among others.