Daves Guzha & Joe Njangu’s ‘The Letter’ Makes Digital Premiere

Lovers of Zimbabwean film can now enjoy the latest Daves Guzha and Joe Njangu production in the comfort of their homes.

The Award-winning filmmakers’ latest movie, ‘The Letter’ has been released today via an exclusive online distribution deal by CMG International Media Group.  The highly anticipated movie is a collaborative effort between Njagu and Daves Guzha in association with Zimpapers Television Network in a move that cements the global reach of locally  produced films.

As a result, The Letter has been met with positive pre-lease purchases and is now available online on demand.

The film is inspired by the true events of 2015 when companies in Zimbabwe went on a massive laying off process after the government’s labour ruling which saw thousands lose their jobs without pension or benefits.

Joe Njangu described the production as a  human story about the survival instincts of a man who is put in a corner and has lost all he has; “it  shows how one will do whatever it takes to protect and provide for their family.”, he said.

The Letter follows the story of lead character, Simon, played excellently by Emmanuel Mbirimi who sees his retirement dreams shattered when he is given “the letter” of dismissal just before he retires. Explaining the main characters’ misadventures, Executive Producer Dave Guzha said, “Simon goes on a rampage against his now former employers which sees him commit a string of unlawful deeds, a lot of lines are crossed”, detailed Guzha.

The main actor, Emmanuel Mbirimi is well backed by a cast featuring the likes of Jefferson Muserera, firm fan favourite Admire Kuzhangaira of the P.O Box fame and introduces rising comedy starlet Tinaye Wayne among others.

This eagerly awaited film is the latest offering from the duo whose  career combined span well over three decades. The Letter premiered on the 31st of January at 7PM last night and  is available for purchase on Vimeo for $3.