'Faceless' Finally Making Her Mark

For Faceless, aka ‘the Maskgal’, the day that she decided to put on that signature mask is the day everything changed! She has, since then, managed to establish herself as one of the leading female voices on the local dancehall music scene and for this unique young lady, this is only but the beginning!

The year 2019 is a promising one for Faceless and as such, more musical projects have been put on offer. Pushing her brand beyond Zimbabwe’s own boarders has also become the ultimate goal.
 “This year I will be dropping more singles and videos, with the first single and video coming out mid-January, it is a hardcore track that I featured an artist called Mr. Waah. The other track is currently being finalized at Goodlife Studio in Dzivarasekwa, Harare as we speak.
Apart from the songs and videos, my team is planning tours to Barbados where I have a recording deal with Lab39studio, a label that is going to promote my soca and dancehall music. The Barbados tour is planned for October and thus my international manager (Reloaded) and regional manager (Gurundoro) are working flat out to make sure everything goes according to plan.
“The goal is obviously for me to market the ‘Faceless’ brand, not just in Zimbabwe but beyond that as well, I’d like to also make my mark on the international market”, said Faceless.

The stars have surely been aligning when it comes to her music career over the last couple of years and will continue to do so for a long time to come --- the musician however does remember a time when things were clearly not all that ‘rosy’.
“In the very beginning, things were hard but pandakazopfeka mask apo, things changed for the better. Even though we still come across challenges in terms of marketing and funds to do videos and recordings, there are certainly more positives than negatives.
“My first studio recording was back in 2014, I recorded on a lot of riddims and did quite a number of singles but none of my tracks from that time made any impact at all, (haana kana kwaakasvika, even on radio kana).
“Fast-forward to November 2016, when I auditioned for the creator of ‘Faceless’, Gurundoro aka Arron Mutede. That November I recorded as Faceless a track called ‘Ndavatyaira’ and boom! got played everywhere, from the clubs to the airwaves.  Saka pandakapfeka Mask ndakabva ndajamba queue”, said the artist.

The singer, who says she grew up at a farm house near Trojan Mine (Bindura) confessed to having had a strong passion for music since early childhood and is excited about being able to live her dream.
“In this same period of time, I have managed to attain a recording deal with a local recording studio called Goodlife in Dzivarasekwa and Lab39studio in Barbados also. I have just finished recording 3 tracks with Dj MZ from Barbados which I’m sure will be ready for public consumption sometime in the near future”, she said.

Faceless has in recent times also taken part in a project called ‘No to Women Abuse’, a project that also included other female dancehall artists.

Contact details:
FACELESS (the Maskgal)
Dancehall Artist
Instagram: facelesszim
Facebook: facelesszim
Manager:  +263772529921