Gia Federico Shares ‘Secret’

This January 13, US singer/guitarist Gia Federico will officially launch her 2019 itinerary with the launch of a brand new single titled ‘Secret’.
“The title of the song and video is ‘Secret’ and the release date is this Sunday (Jan 13th) at 3pm. In as far as the main inspiration for the song, I’d like to think that the experiences I was going through at the time when I wrote it played a large part. My singer, Katy, was going through experiences that were similar to mine and so it made the whole process of producing this song a lot easier”, said Gia.

There is no doubt a lot of excitement and anticipation that is surrounding the exceptional guitarist’s first release of the year and it all might reach ‘fever pitch’ with Gia herself calling this upcoming project her ‘best one yet’.
 “Well this is a different direction, sound  and almost style, using my 6 string  guitar instead of the 7  to, I think they will be really impressed with this song, I think  it might the best one yet  we have  done”, said the musician.

The new single is only but the beginning of a busy schedule that will see Gia recording more music, doing more publicity work and music shows.
“This first month is particularly very busy for me, from the interviews to the release of the new song and music video next Sunday and going to NAMM in California at the end of the month. I have also recently started recording my new instrumental called ‘The Ladder’, we will be doing a music video for that as well and looking at spring release for that.
“Apart from that, I will be doing a live internet show with my band ‘Devil in The Mist’ in the spring and trying to set up some shows, recording more songs  for the full length cd/dvd that we are planning on releasing end of year, or early next year”, she said.