How Reggae Stole Jah Farmer’s Heart

“My greatest satisfaction is the feedback of the reggae massive, giving I the strength to go on”. said Jah Farmer while talking to Urban Craft magazine recently in relation to his music career.

The emerging reggae force went back in time and gave us a clearer picture of how he fell in love with reggae and the culture.

“I was born and raised in a music addicted family. My father is a professional musician and so I grew up listening to all black music genres then reggae music took my heart. I have been writing my own music and lyrics since I was sixteen. I've been on this path for a long time now and my musical  journey is still evolving as I'm evolving as a man.
“I once performed at Rototom Sunsplash in Italy and Spain and I got the chance to be on stage with Warrior King in Negril two years ago, he invited me during his show, and it was a very important moment in my career”, said the musician.

The Italian artist spoke about his love for experimenting with various sounds from all over the globe through collaborations but more importantly, his desire to explore the reggae genre as much as he can.
“I love to break the rules but I dont love to depart from the genre, I like to explore reggae music.
I have collaborated wih Laza Morgan in the song "Betta day" and with other Italian artists but one of the biggest project has been for sure Supaweapon riddim.
“Me and Nah Deal Production we teamed up with all the artists on the riddim, Luciano, Asante Amen, Peter Lloyd and Ras Tewelde. We love all the versions and we are so proud of this release”, he said

Apart from some new singles, the artist hopes to pin down a couple of big international collaborations and also work towards a spring release for his next album.
“Right now I'm working on some new tunes, I will release a new single and then if all goes well, a big collaboration with an international artist.

“After the scheduled release of the next singles, the plan is for us to drop the new album as expected this coming spring”, said the musician.