Lady Tee’s Empire Takes Shape

Over the last number of years the name ‘Lady Tee’ has become synonymous with the entertainment industry and the woman behind that moniker has grown in stature, not only as a person but more importantly as an entrepreneur.

Urban Craft magazine was lucky enough to catch-up with this beautiful and inspiring woman, who was more than happy to narrate for us where it all began and just how far she had come in the industry.
 “I started this dancehall business as a ‘Dancehall Queen’ back in 2005 under the Legendary Sound system Maddhouse Family. There was a venue in Pretoria called Club Europa which was doing Hip-hop Sessions every Wednesday hosted by popular Dj Sulex from Nigeria. Maddhouse Family joined forces with South African Dj and Producer Ras Mashi Pen and Peypa records. The two decided to approach Sulex and propose that he give us a slot on his Wednesday Hip-hop nights, which he gladly accepted. So by January 2006 we finally had a slot and started introducing dancehall music to the masses.
“The movement was solid, so much that other sounds from Zimbabwe started introducing themselves and ‘MadLee’ the Maddhouse ‘General’ gave them slots but then as you know, money always make people fight. Me, personally, being a woman, could not voice much as I was always being sabotaged and silenced. I got involved in a relationship and ended up leaving the game for a few years”, said Lady Tee, whose real name is Tanyaradzwa Esilia Masango.

It was only a matter of time before she rekindled her romance with the entertainment industry. Her ‘second coming’, as it were, opened-up more avenues for the ever-enterprising lady that she is.
“Around 2009, I came back to the movement after a chance encounter with Dj Munya B of Killasquad Sound. He told me how he was being sabotaged in the game so I told him I could manage him and be a silent partner. Munya B was playing at Cafe Concerto Club which is now known as Club Yolo Pretoria together with MadLee and Dj Ghetto of ShattaSound International. Arguments, as always, forced me and Munya B to approach a new venue House 28 which was a restaurant then. Spoke to the owners to have them give us a slot every sunday for us to do our ‘Mad Sundays’ shows. By 2010 December we had launched ‘Mad Sundays’ and many sounds came as always but just like in the past, arguments again forced me to leave Killasquad Sound to form my own company, LadyTee Entertainment”, she said.

According to this captivating beauty of a woman, the main purposes of LadyTee Entertainment, a movement that promotes artists and producers, were “to seek-out talent among the ghetto ‘yutes’ and fight for their rights to be heard”.
“I have been doing events since then, facing all manner of challenges but I never gave up. 2016 I launched a brand called Music Dealers 263 which was a success as well but I had  to leave Dealer Spaxx, my partner then, because there was too much politicking but still LadyTee continued as a mother brand to many other brands. I used to manage Teban Cee as an artist as well before he relocated to a different town”, said the LadyTee Entertainment head honcho.

Seeing how the rest of the world is suddenly operating digitally, ‘Tanya’ as she is adoringly known to those in her circle, decided to embrace the digital era also and make sure that the majority of her business is conducted on digital platforms.
“I am building a website called Event Global Live which will be a digital platform that LadyTee Entertainment will freely operate and make money from. It will give benefits to all artists, producers, dancers and venue owners that are affiliated with my digital company, LadyTee Entertainment.
“My immediate goal is to have EVG up and running ASAP --- with the long term goal being for the platform to accommodate other nations as well and become this humongous machine that digitally operates like Facebook”, said the entrepreneur.

Tanya also runs a brand called DOPE, another movement called ‘Bossman Injection’, among other things, all of which she is also making her mark in the entertainment business world.
“DOPE Nation has ‘Queens’ and ‘Kings’, so whoever is initiated into the movement bears the ‘Dope’ before their real name like there is ‘Dope Tia’, the girl who dances in Blot’s video that is currently showcasing on TraceTv, then there is ‘Dope Kim’ and I happen to be ‘Dope Tanya.
 “I am, at the same time, also operating a movement called ‘Bossman Injection’ which has amassed quite a following in Pretoria and thus we decided to start ‘Bossman Injection Sound’. We are doing events and music distribution to the masses on social media as well as through our events together with Tam Tam of Star Alliance Media. Apart from that, I am also Brand African Ambassador for JH Wear by Jah Hanief and I am the ‘Tora Mari Girls’ brand ‘head queen’, (Tora Mari Brand by CEO Slicker1 of Tora Mari Boiz)”, she explained.

Lady T  has worked with artists a number of recognized names in the game, from the likes of Bounty Lisa, Guspy Warrior, Badman Gwans, Kinnah, Lady Bee, Bazooker, Sniper Storm, Dashocca, Jahnoz, Eyetal Fyah, Doctor Murda, X_fecta, Ras Mashi, Fashalz, Arab Attack International (Dj Shella b), Hotspot Family, strammaVybz Sound, to mention but a few.