Mokgadi Banda’s Legacy

The year 2019 couldn’t have come any sooner for one Mokgadi Shereen Banda…..,the South African model/musician/entrepreneur is ready to finally stamp her authority on the industry in the next 12months.
“I'm personally planning on launching my brand - Mokgadi Legacy in 2019, I don't want to say much as yet but definitely by March Mokgadi Legacy will be a fully geared motor and operating smoothly. The world is waiting for me and my people so travelling is one of my biggest ticks on my list as we'll be sharing the beauty of S.A' s talent.. networking and connecting for more business”, said Mokgadi while speaking to Urban Craft magazine this past year.

For this ‘fun, yet determined’ young soul, the year 2018 provided her with that ‘turning point’ that her career was in need of so its one year she will look back on in satisfaction.
“2018 was a great turning point for me in realizing my gift and the love I have to changing people's lifes. At times It takes years for one to find themselves or what they wanna be and do with their lives. I always say that when life presents you with opportunities, grab them with both hands and bring them to life and that's exactly what I'm doing, I have an entertainment business that I'm running fully registered, all rights owned by me - Mokgadi Legacy (pty ltd) Having the team that I'm working with is amazing, we recruit, train talent and send them to agencies and host events ourselves to give everyone a chance after the process of training  so that they can apply all the knowledge and skills they've been taught”, she said.

The Limpopo - Lebowakgomo born and bred Financial Management who finds satisfaction in being able to help others, shared with us some of the highlights of her career thus far.
“Regardless of all the titles and prices I've been awarded over the past number of years, Mokgadi Legacy is one of the biggest achievements at this very moment. I pride myself with this initiative I took and the thought of change and the endless opportunities it'll bring to our people.
“Coordinating, Mcing, performing my music, hosting fashion shows at the district in Johannesburg (CBD) having all the candidates come and present their craft to the audience gave me joy and peace of mind.  I was one of the reception Maniquan models at Goldreef city in 2016 and I was dressed by David Tlale, hair by Soft n’ free and my photos were on the Beauty Define magazine. There's quite a number of Magazines that I've been featured in now including Urban Craft, YES!... one of the biggest that I'll never forget is the international Supreme Magazine, it came out in March 2018 just a week after my birthday, the feeling was out of this world, I received both digital and hard copies sold some and kept some for myself. Fashion 4Sho is a Tembisa brand founded by Nicolas Motambo,  I used to be part of the show as a model then a few years down the line I was part of management/ event organising, the shows would be advertised through morning live, local radios, newspapers and other media”, said the 27 year old.

Looking ahead, Mokgadi hopes to keep on making a difference in the lives of those around her and also making sure her work and efforts are felt across the globe.
“I love changing lives and that's what I live for. It’s all about being the best at what I do and not introducing myself anymore but be known for my work, helping artists and all creatives explore and be recognized on the world stage while making a living for themselves and those around them”, she said.

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