Say Hello to ‘Dr. Murda’

Most people, especially those who have followed Zimbabwean hiphop over the years, know him by the moniker ‘alka-nemo’ but the gifted musician has in recent times decided to ‘re-invent’ himself so-to-speak and go back to his long-time passion, dancehall.

He is still exhibiting that fiery lyrical-prowess, the same one that won him acclaim and a couple of awards, albeit, over ‘riddims’ this time around. The unexpected rebirth of the talented songwriter/producer and vocalist also brought with it a change of name as well, he now goes by ‘Dr. Murda’.
“I have been doing music since the day I was born. I inherited the music gene from my father who was a guitarist but professionally, I have been part of this music industry since 1996.
“I used to do hiphop and even won the ‘Best Freestyler’ award two years in a row at the Zimhiphop Awards. I however decided to quit hiphop and took up my long-time passion, which is dancehall music”, he said.

For one of the longest serving artists in the industry, the journey has definitely had its fair share of trials and tribulations. He opened up to us about some of the obstacles that he and so many other musicians out there has had to face along the way.
‘The journey has been full of blood sweat and tears, lack of endorsement and support has been the major challenge. Radio has been extremely unsupportive with no airplay for our products”, said Dr. Murda.

He however has not let all these impediments get in the way of his passion, he has been playing his part in as far as promoting local arts and culture is concerned.
“I have written many hit songs but mostly under the hiphop genre, I have groomed and supported many artists. I have also pushed for club disc-jockeys and sound system ‘selektaz’ to embrace the culture of dubs and specials in order to promote local artists and ingratiate the audience to the music”, he said.

Dr. Murda, whose goals for 2019 are to take the music to the people in the form of visuals, tours and hosting a strictly hardcore dancehall annual festival, also took the opportunity to make public some of the projects that he is working on that we can look forward to seeing and hearing in the near future, among them a mixtape and an album.
“I’m set to add my voice and talents on many riddim instrumentals by both local and foreign dancehall music producers. At the very same time I am also promoting a mixtape titled "Trippple Threat" which features DjDuse, Dashocca and myself. Apart from that, I am working on my own project, an album titled "Murda 4.O"”, said the artist.