A look full of innocence and ‘joie de vivre’, a look turned resolutely towards a horizon: music! A meeting that we are not ready to forget as the young Togolese singer imparts with her music.


A horizon made of sweet melodies, where the music is master! Valentine Alvares is simply in love with it and says she listens to it through an imaginary radio that resonates in her head and inspires her with beautiful sounds. Thus, since her childhood, she sings incessantly. Singing for her, is a source of life. Singing heals evil and soothes.

Originally from the city of Tsévié (about twenty kilometres from the Togolese capital), Valentine Alvares was discovered during a singing contest. She managed to charm both the jury and the audience with the softness and natural quality of her voice.
Without hesitating, she began a musical career in the process.

From Singles to Success

After two years of experience, with a dozen successful singles, the girl of Tsévié has matured both personally and musically. We however cannot review the discography of the Togolese artist without mentioning the track "Bond Bond Bond", a song inspired by the hero of the saga "007" James Bond. Valentine Alvares, through a beautiful melody, an inspired text and an exceptional video, was able to engrave this character in this particular song, one which was warmly received by her listeners.

New Musical Destinations

Valentine Alvares is a musical explorer who does not hesitate to put her feet and suitcases on a foreign land. Through her art, she is also able to take her fans and music lovers alike on a journey of self-discovery and one that explores new musical destinations.

This passion for adventure, travel and love, the young Togolese singer has translated it into her first opus entitled "Music and words". More than revealing, the title of this first album expresses the personality of its author.

Through these texts, Valentine Alvares wonders about women as well as about men.
"Music and words", 11 titles that make us travel, discover and love.

Valentine Alvares does not hide that she always dreams of a better world even if it may seem utopian today with all the violence we are witnessing. The world for her, could be better if we all dedicate ourselves to making it so.