A Look At The Movie FEE'S

Film Producer Kholisile Duze sees his latest feature, the movie FEE’S which was officially released to the public on the 8th of January as a vital piece of cinematic work, one that not only mirrors the struggles that various communities across South Africa are facing but stimulates discourse as well.
“Well in this film, I and the director were trying to tell a South African story that hasn’t been told. A story that will at the same time make people aware of the expensive education system we have. I feel like the visuals did not tell the whole story but the storyline was powerful enough to get the point across”, said the producer.

For Kholisile, the hope is that his movie-watching audience will be able to pick up one or two life’s lessons from this movie and that the importance of education cannot be underscored hard enough.
“My honest hope is the audience learn a couple of things from this movie worth taking home with them, learn about the expensive South African Education System but more important than anything else, learn that criminal activity will get you nowhere in life, it is just a one-way ticket to jail or to your demise”, he said.

The cast for this Cinematic Production feature film consisted of names such as Samukelani (Mxolisi), Xolani Mkhubo (Gazi), and Mpho Melato (Jessica) --- with the crew for the movie being made up of Kholisile Duze (producer), Sandile Mkhuma (director), Thamisanqa Sibenya (D.O.P), Levy Sekonya (editor) and Yenziwe Nsele (lighting technician/gaffer).


When a final year medical student is dropped by the bursary that has been funding his education, the student decides to pay the fees through his own means. Our protagonist in the story, ‘Mxolisi’ and ‘Gazi’ hatch a plan of kidnapping one of the wealthy students from Biomed Medical institution and holding her ransom with the idea being to use the money to pay-off Mxolisi's education.


It seems that the South African filmmaker/artist/actor/creative inherited the entertainment industry gene from his late father who was a guitarist and Kholisile is determined to go far as he can and make his family and nation proud.
“I grew up in Crystal Park, and attended High School at Noorderlig. In College I did Digital music Composition and Production at Boston Media House, Soul Candi. After completing Film and Television Production at City Varsity I’ll be graduating this year.
“I haven’t really come that far in the industry as yet but I’ve worked with the likes of Laurian Nortje at Hectic Nine 9 and Luthando Phihlela who is an award winning music engineer and has worked with likes of Shekhinah and Ma-E”, he said.