Being 'Creatively Loud' All Part of Being MooneyMilk

For Mooneymilk, a South African media personality (radio personality, writer, musician and emcee), there’s no greater joy than that which comes from changing people’s lives through his work.

His goal is to not only touch lives but also do his bit in as far as winning over lost souls and bringing them back to The Lord.
“I’m unorthodox, peculiar but creatively loud, I voice out what I feel that time and it touches the masses and I’ve been in radio since 2013 and been mentored by my pastor, Sipho Mahlangu, who is the founder of Joyous Radio.
“Being new to radio, I did research on how to make my show attractive to the youth of South Africa and abroad, and I came across a few concepts for radio and through the research I've won-over a lot of lost souls through topics and the various guests I bring onto the show”, said Mooneymilk.

The media personality admits that the journey has certainly had its trials and tribulations but they have only strengthened his resolve!
“The journey has been a helter skelter, some days were epic and some were not, but the negatives of it all kept me on my feet and didn't want to accept defeat just yet, so with more research and guidance from those that were more experienced than me helped me to polish my skills until today. Getting internationally recognized by media personalities that were interested in working with me to growing my listenership while changing lives has been a highlight.
“My radio career introduced me to major local artists such as Angelah Nimah, Zlus the zeal, Beaucy Nkosi, Scence Deep and international names like BEveready, MIRA, Mike Body and Corey Jones. My Mceeing Career on the other hand, gave me the opportunity to host events such as ‘Official Major World : Jumpathon Edition’ and ‘Oh My Word’, a poetry and hiphop annual event”, he said.

Aside from dropping an instrumental single featuring SpheraQ called ‘First Encounters’ and also composing the melody for a remix to Angelo Kent's song called ‘Esta Noide’, MoonyMilk plans on taking things to the next level in these coming months.
“Right now I'm planning on jumping into the studio with SpheraQ and since I’m also a writer now, the plan is to deal with article publishing for ReAmped App. My long term goals include working with Kid Fonque, Dwson, and Thandi Draai musically and start my own Podcast”, he said.