D’Wayne’s Enduring Musical ‘Adventures’

He has been on stage or opened for artists such as Marcus Houston, Jon.B, Howard Hewitt, Christopher Williams,El Debarge and Jesse Johnson, to mention but a few but he remains as humble and as dedicated to his craft as ever.

We are talking about none other than D'Wayne Cousin aka The Rugged of course, the United States singer/songwriter/ producer/engineer who has slowly but surely been presenting himself as a force to reckon with in the industry over the last number of years.
“My main instrument is bass guitar and I also play keys and drums. I'm also a singer songwriter and producer with engineering skills”, said D’Wayne.

Born in Los Angeles, California, the singer/producer has worked with mostly indie artists in as far as production and songwriting and looks back on his colourful journey thus far as one ‘very educational’ adventure!
“It's been a tough but very adventurous one. Very educational”, he said.

D’Wayne is currently in the studio putting together an album and a compilation that he hopes will see the light of day in the near future. He sees both productions as the perfect way to showcase how he is just as brilliant when sat in the producer’s chair as he is when he is behind the mic.
“I'm currently working on my own album and a compilation album with different artists showcasing my production”, he said.
Asked about his goal, the talented music man was simple and straight to the point.

For him it is all about carrying on with his musical journey, continuing to be creative and of course inspiring his audience to be better versions of themselves!
“Just to continue to be creative and hope to inspire people to be the best of themselves”, said the musician/producer.