Giacomo De Rosa; The Next Chapter

After years of experimenting, Italian singer/songwriter Giacomo De Rosa feels he finally has his sound all figured out and is looking very much forward to pushing his brand to the next level.
“I launched a new project based recently based on poetic and intimate lyrics titled, "Il cuore oltre l'Aurelia", it is available on streaming and download platforms. The album features eight tracks that are an ‘assortment’ of styles and sounds, such as pop, rock, indie rock and folk. I'm now investing my energy into improving my online presence in order to promote my music as well as organizing a live tour in the coming months”, said De Rosa, who has been writing songs since he was 18.

For the musician, whose songs are mainly in Italian dialect, it is all about growth and making sure his music touches as many hearts and minds as possible.
“My immediate goal is to build my fan base here in Italy and, if possible, abroad. In the long term I aim to make music my full time job and to reach as many people as possible with my words and my songs”, he added.

Giacomo is one of a few artists to whom perfection is everything when it comes to their craft --- it has so far been the hallmark of his career.
“From time to time I write songs for other independent Italian artists. I published another EP in 2014 and performed many times in theatres as both a singer and performer. In 2018, together with some friends, I started my own music school where I teach lyrics composition.
“I deeply care for both the form and the content of the lyrics. I want them to be as original and technically flawless as possible. At the same time, I try to use less obvious musical solutions, mostly in chords progression”, said the singer/songwriter.

The month of March promises to be a busy one for the musician as a lot of projects are lined up. He gave us an idea of what to look forward to in the coming weeks.
“I'm now promoting my new record and I'll soon release a couple of video clips. Also I'm planning a live tour as a keyboard-guitar duo starting from March. In spring I also plan to go back into the studio to work on a new single that I’m aiming to release during fall or winter”, said Giacomo De Rosa.


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