Grace Morgan; Living Up to her Resolutions

Singer/songwriter Grace Morgan’s New Year’s resolutions for 2019 were simple enough and they were to release more music and grow her audience.

Just a couple of months into the brand new year and everything seems to be going ahead as planned for the musician who has also set her sights on performing more live gigs and getting signed to a major label.
“It’s 2019 so it’s time for some new music! I started writing again a few months ago but didn’t really know what kind of album I wanted to make. I have a much better idea now of what that is and will be working on that for the next few months, so hopefully there will be a second album out soon! I’m not the greatest at social media so that’s a New Year’s resolution of mine - I’ll be posting more covers and clips on my Instagram and am hoping to get more artists involved with my music - especially dancers.
“My immediate goals are to release more music and continue to grow my audience and in the long term I hope I can start performing more live gigs and hopefully get signed to label”, she said.

The 22-year-old singer/songwriter from California who is currently residing in London trained in musical theatre and has been in a variety of productions back home in the USA but since moving to the UK she said her focus has shifted more towards the music side.
“It’s been an interesting journey so far and I’m more excited now than I’ve ever been. I’ve always loved theatre - singing, dancing, and acting, but over the last few years I’ve been exploring my creativity and figuring out who I want to be as an artist and what I really want to do with my career.
“Creating music to express my emotions can be fun, exciting, frustrating, and heart-breaking, but it’s incredibly rewarding when you’re finally in the studio listening back to what you’ve made. For the first time in the music industry I feel like I have my own voice and it’s amazing to hear that people can relate to my songs and sing along to what I’ve written too”, said Morgan.

Since her debut album dropped last year Grace looks to be enjoying every minute of her musical journey and is definitely looking forward to making her mark. For the musician, the whole experience has been nothing short of surreal!
“In July 2018, I released my debut album Restless. It’s available for free on Spotify and Soundcloud but strangers on the internet have actually purchased my songs on Apple Music and the Google Play Store and I think that’s pretty cool that people like it that much. My song ‘Tainted’ was played on BBC Solent/BBC Introducing and that’s been a huge highlight for me. To hear your name announced on your car radio is so surreal, and it’s so cool that I was able to reach a whole new audience that way”, said the singer/songwriter.