Illicit Ghost Shares Her Greatest Joy!

For New York singer/violinist/producer Illicit Ghost, there is no greater satisfaction than that which comes from making music!

It is a joy that she is and has always been willing to share with her audience and everyone else who has the opportunity to listen to her songs or attend her live performances.

Being able to connect with her audience is something that she cherishes and she is humbled by her fans reaching out and sharing their own accounts of how her songs touched them in more ways than one.
 “People are telling me about rough times they are going through, how they feel a new sense of hope after listening to my music. I feel honored that people are reaching out and am really excited to feel a connection with my listeners. Having a bond with the community is what it’s all about for me”, said Illicit Ghost.

Being a professional musician means that you also have to learn to take the good with the bad in terms of feedback and she credits her team for always standing by her.
“It’s tough but the trick is to keep going. Some people will try to knock you down at every corner you turn. Recently someone called my music “too dark and haunting” but I felt complimented because I want my music to make listeners feel something. Whenever someone throws some negativity my way, I take it and mould it into strength.
“It’s also important to find people in this industry you can trust. I am extremely lucky to work with Elliot Jacobson, who is as an incredible mentor, manager, co-producer and musician. Another big part of being able to survive in this industry is being able to take care of yourself. So for me that means a lot of meditation, daily exercise and a healthy diet. I don’t party. I spend most of my nights in by myself writing. After I’m done turn off my phone, I take a bath, put on a diffuser with some lavender oil, light candles and meditate. It helps me stay grounded and focused on my goals to have this time to myself to decompress”, said the singer/violinist/producer.

The musician is looking forward to releasing more singles throughout the year and doing more live performances.
“I’m looking forward to getting more of my music out this year. There’s a lot of it that hasn’t been released yet and there is still so much that I have to say. I’d love to book a tour so that I can connect with more people and hopefully make their day better through music. Music has been my saving grace and I want to return the favour”, she said.

She also took a moment to reflect on where it all began and the role that music has played in her life thus far.
“I started playing violin when I was three years old and from there I eventually learned the piano and clarinet and started singing. As a teenager I’d sit at the piano for hours making up songs for fun. I’d create violin parts for them but at the time I had no idea how to get those ideas down until I discovered Garageband on my phone and began recording all of my demos into there. Now I use Ableton to record and produce my music, it’s much easier than doing everything on a phone. When I was growing up being a musician felt like the only option for me. I still get no joy from anything else”, she narrated.