Moneymelll Primed For the Big Stage!

With her single ‘Gas’ still fresh on the market and in the minds of so many hiphop-heads across the planet, Melaney Dumas or ‘Moneymelll’ as she is known in the industry, has gone a long way in proving that she is not only a breath of fresh air but someone who is definitely knocking on the doors of the mainstream industry!

The beautifully-made and musically gifted young woman has been in love with rap music since the tender age of 7. Her undeniable passion for hiphop is evident, it can be felt in her music and is apparent in the countless hours that she dedicates to her craft.
 “I have been loving rap since I was around 7 years old and haven't stopped. I get up daily and write and record songs at our home studio”, said Moneymelll.

The 18 year old hiphop artist/writer is virtually living out her dreams every day that she gets into the booth to record music or perform in front of a live audience. This past year has been nothing short of amazing for the young rapper as she has reached quite a number of milestones while doing what she loves the most.
“I have been living out my dreams for over a year now by performing all over the country. I've performed for NBA All Star Weekend Events, SXSW, 4/20, and many other venues. Best believe I am going to Blow Up and Big Up ya spot when I come through”, said the rapper assertively.

She exudes confidence, both musically and in person, like no other artist out there, a confidence that is certainly backed up by the talent and star appeal that she possesses.

It can only get better from here on for Moneymelll and as such, Urban Craft magazine will definitely be there to shine a light and keep our readership informed of her exploits going forward!

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