Music Sets Teemu Palojärvi Free!

Growing up surrounded by musicians, it was only a matter of time before Finland’s own Teemu Palojärvi picked up an instrument! 

So natural was the calling that he eventually picking up not just one instrument but a whole bunch of them, making him a multi-instrumentalists of note in his hometown.
“I am mainly proficient on bass, drums and guitar, with guitar being my current main instrument and my blank canvas for pouring ideas out of the creative mind.
“I've been surrounded by music, and musical people ever since I was kid, so acquiring an instrument (being a cheap old electrical guitar at the time) and being pushed to play came by just naturally, with both of my uncles being guitarists themselves and music in general being played almost around the clock in my childhood house, haha! I cut my teeth on playing and practicing old-school punk in my bedroom, while latter becoming more proficient and interested in other genres around the entire spectrum as one’s music taste evolves when growing older and maturing up.
“I don't consider myself being too far into the whole music industry up here in Finland, but I've been fortunate enough to have had a small little trio wedding band and being lucky to have gathered a small following on social media, which is all more than I could have ever asked for considering playing music to me is about setting yourself free from the everyday routines”, said Teemu.

Given the fact that we are talking about someone who had never dreamt that they would one day pursue music professionally, it is all the more extraordinary!
“I prolonged on "playing outside" for far longer than I should have had, being able to have music as a career had never occurred to me before since I always wanted to be a cook/chef, but you, it  just can't always plan out what’s going to happen. But, with every sort of artistic craft, whether its poetry, writing, painting or making music, your biggest enemy and critic is yourself and your own confidence in what you do. I write music for majority of my free time, but 99% of it will never see the daylight simply due to one not feeling like its good enough, so having people around you to lend their point of view is a big asset every aspiring artist should have, because when you slip down, its incredibly hard to get yourself up on your own. So, in short; it's not been an easy journey, battling your own abilities and self-confidence”, he said.

Teemu highlighted every emerging artist’s struggle but was hopeful that his fortunes would improve in time and that he would be able to make it to the ‘big boy’s league --- it is only a matter of time, after all!

"Like the majority of today’s aspiring artists, we're all bound to have a day job to be able to have a roof on our heads. I consider all my music to be purely just a hobby, and I do what I do simply for the joy of giving and doing! My main focus at the moment is just uploading my musical journey online, since playing out gigs and general studio work in Finland as ‘sort-of-a-nobody’ just doesn't pay the bills sadly haha! I'll take what I can get! Here’s to hoping yours truly makes it out to the big boy’s league!” said the musician.