Nikita’s Tale of Passion of Devotion

Looking at the path she has travelled and where she is in the industry right now, 22 year old model Nikita-Aliyah Mgoduka is no doubt an inspiration --- a prime example of the importance of being passionate and dedicated to your craft.

It really does not matter who you are or where you were born, all that matters is how much you believe in yourself and what you are trying to achieve.

Urban Craft is indeed privileged to share Nikita’s unique story in the hope that it inspires many other young creatives out there in the world to challenge life’s circumstances and spread their wings.
Nikita grew up at an orphanage after losing her mother at the age of 11. Her grandmother was to enrol her at a multi-racial school where she participated in most of her passions like scouts, dance, netball, music, script performing, make-up and modelling.

Even without any support to speak of she still carried on and did all that was humanly possible to realise her goals and the very first beauty peagent that she took part in actually came as a result of her being spotted on the streets by one of the organisers.

In recent times the model has decided to put an idea that she has had for years into action. She registered her Modelling, Creative Arts Academy --- an initiative whose goal is creating awareness, mentorship and support for young and aspiring artists in the Industry, training them with the knowledge she has gained over the past 11 years, especially the young girls.

The entrepreneur has also showcased designs at the ‘Africa for Africa International Women's Conference’ and has advertised for brands like Legit, Treasures of India, Fashion World, to mention but a few.

She is, at the present moment, in the process of sourcing for sponsorship after being nominated by International Talent Scout during her Performance in Sandton City Gauteng Dancing Latin America and Modelling to go and perform in Florida in July 2019.

She has under her school ‘Aliyah Modesty Models School’ founded the ‘Miss Buffalo City High Schools’ peagent and ‘Talent Showcase 2019’, an inaugural annual event that is set to take place on the 23rd February 2019 and which is meant to cater for high school girls and local talent.

Nikita has represented Africa in Saudi Arabia at the Misk Global Forum and is the Ambassador of Supreme Girls International. Most notably, she was nominated as part of the Top100 Young Leaders Impacting Societies, something that shows just how giving back and making a difference in the society around her is close to her heart.

Her desire is to one day become an actress and she sees her Model and Creative Arts Academy (Aliyah Modesty Models School) expanding throughout the African continent, having its own designers, models, artists etc --- with all of them doing their part in as far as mentoring young aspiring individuals. Job creation is also top of her agenda.

We wish Nikita all the best in her present and future endeavours…… keep on being a leading light and inspiration to others!!!!