‘NY2LA’ : A Journey Awaits!

It is only a couple of weeks before United States musician, Raspin Stewart’s new album titled ‘NY2LA’ drops and according to the singer/songwriter, everything is going ahead as planned in as far as preparations for the launch are concerned.

“NY2LA” is of course slated to be released onto the market on the 11th of March and for Raspin, it’s only a matter of applying the final touches.

The tracks, the majority of whom were produced by Payola Records with several different producers will inevitably take the listener on an emotional and spiritual journey. The musician explains…….

“The songs on the record are from different time periods of my life. The inspiration is what always inspires me to write music-God (the songs find me) and putting my soul out there. The major themes of my music are political, spiritual; and with light hearted melodies and messages”,

Stewart’s desire is that his audience will not only be able to connect with the music on an emotional level but be free to enjoy it in its purest form.
“My hope is that they will feel the passion that comes through in my song delivery and style; and just simply enjoy the music”, he said.

The Los Angeles based musician said he is planning a few follow-up singles in the aftermath of the album release but made sure to emphasize that a tour to promote the album was definitely in the pipeline.

“I have a few new singles that I’m working on but as of now the main focus is getting ready to promote my new CD “NY2LA” and go on tour. The key is to keep moving forward and love along the way”, said the musician.

Stewart is originally from Chicago but has lived in almost his entire life in Los Angeles. His love for blues, jazz, R&B and the singer songwriters of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is well-documented. Having recently seen his career experience a purple patch that has seen his songs being recognized everywhere around the globe, his wish is for the new album to carry on in the same vein.

“I have been a working musician for many years and currently my songs have been charting and gaining attention on the indie charts, something that I hope will continue with this new album. Being on the charts has opened up my music to a whole new audience in the U.S. and around the world”, he said.

It has been quite the journey for Raspin, one paved with so many great rewarding moments and accomplishments, he shared with us a few of those.
 “The journey has been really great and rewarding. The people and the places I have performed all keep me going. As an indie artist, I have worked really hard to grow my fan base and nurture those relationships and to grow as a person and artist.

“My music has been played in Starbucks nationwide and I’ve been blessed to have produced a CCH Pounder spoken word cd titled, “Smoke”. I have also played on many large stages like the Levitt Pavillion and played many festivals. My number one single on the indie charts for 12 weeks called, “Smoke the Hookah”, the reggae version, was a proud achievement. Several of my songs have been covered by other artists”, he said.