Pamela Dee Asks ‘WHY?’

She is of course known to many people for her exploits on Zimbabwean singing platform StarBrite a few years back but she is today holding her own and proving to many that coming in as the 1st Runner-Up in that competition was no fluke at all!

Affectionately known as Pamela Dee, the local songbird is this week set to drop a brand new love single titled ‘Why?’.
“The track title is ‘Why?’, it is going be released this Saturday and the official video will hopefully be ready for the market during the first week of March”, she said while talking to Urban Craft magazine recently.

Probed as to the meaning and major inspiration behind this new single, the talented vocalist and songwriter had this to say…….
“It talks about the issue of ‘double crossing’ in relationships and what inspired it is the fact that most people have been through this situation and can therefore relate to it. At the end of the day what is underscored in the song is the need to be able to bounce back after such a situation”, explained Pamela.

The singer has a lot of projects lined up in the coming months and top of her itinerary list is a whole host of collaborations.
“I am working on a number of collaborations both locally and internationally as well. One of those collabos so happens to be with a Jamaican guy called krazydon”, said the 26 year old musician.

Pamela kicked off her music journey back in 2015 when she joined Starbrite Zim where her undoubted talent was on showcase and resulted in her taking home the honour of being ‘1st Runner Up’.
“I was the 1st runner up and part of my prize was a scholarship for me to study at Music Crossroads Academy, that's where I learnt how to play acoustic guitar and a little bit of piano as well”, she said.