Theatre in the Park to Host ‘State of The Nation-Vortex’, a Call for Zimbabwe to Dialogue with Itself

Theatre in the Park will play host to a conversation-sparking play titled; ‘State of the Nation-Vortex’ directed by Peter Churu. State of the Nation-Vortex features veteran Actor, Director and Producer Daves Guzha, Socialite and Journalist Patience Phiri, Dell Arte trained Actor and Director Tafadzwa Bob Mutumbwi and NAMA Award-winning actress Eunice Tava.

The Director of the showcase Peter Churu expressed excitement over the eclectic cast mix stating; “we’ve put together an exciting team to do justice to the important themes of today’s Zimbabwe.”

State of the Nation-Vortex is a safe space for citizens to interact with the important matters of state such as human rights, justice, peace, patriotism, nation building, culture and ubuntu. All over the world and throughout history the absence of such vital interaction has led to misunderstandings, suspicions, prolonged suffering and unrest which have led to various degrees of hostilities. Not least of these are the evil ‘isms’ such as tribalism, classism and racism.

Churu continued; “now more than ever before, Zimbabwe needs this vehicle as we endeavour to create the Zimbabwe that we want...the finest judicial and legal statutes will remain meaningless unless the citizenry...are empowered to have ownership of their destinies.”, he concluded.

Peter’s direction is solid yet accommodating making it the ideal fit for the production which demands the highest level of tolerance for it to flourish.

Producer Daves Guzha highlighted that there is no better time than now for the fourth installation of the hugely successful play; “it comes hot on the heels of the very disturbing incidences in the country’s history in the last 3 weeks...clearly, it is time for nation building conversation between the citizens and the’s time to reflect and build on frameworks which this society is anchored: Dare/Enkundleni”.
‘The State of the Nation-Vortex’ is an urgent call for Zimbabwe to dialogue with itself. It is a call for the healing of festering wounds. It is a map towards a brighter path into the future for the sake of our children and future generations for whom we have been entrusted this great and beautiful nation.

 The ‘State of the Nation-Vortex’ shows for a limited two days; on the 15th to 16th of February at 6 PM and 3 PM respectively at Theatre in the Park. Advance tickets are available at the venue for $10.